2005 mustang wins desing award...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. It deserves it...
  2. yeah, like two years back the stang' got the "Most #%[email protected]" award by J.D. Power...kinda redneckish, but hey, an award is an award.
  3. hehe i dont think it deserves it, but we'll take it.
  4. How many cars were redesigned this year? Not that many. The mustang definately deserves it over all the others.
  5. Well, I do like the 997 better, but the 996-997 was more of a facelife/evolution, it was not radical, because Porsche did not want to lose its base buyer. The Mustang is totally different, Ford was not scared, and they made a totally different car, more of a revolution. For me at least, the design turned me from some who dislikes the Mustang, to someone who loves it... kudos to Ford, and I do say that they deserve this award
  6. WHy is it that fords website has a listing for the 05 500 but not the 05 mustang...? they have one at automax ford in killeen but i didnt have time to go see it today
  7. The 997 looks like shit.
  8. No, the 996 was the best looking Porsche ever.

    I hate round headlights.
  9. Yeah, I kinda agree with you there, I dont hate them though... they are growing on me, slowly

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