2005 Shinoda Mustang Boss & Stroker 302

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    Team Shinoda released a preview pic of their Boss Mustang and Boss Stroker 302.

    The pics from Team Shinoda were tres grande. So I resized them/got them hosted.

    <A HREF="http://thuggishtwo.com/imagebucket/2005bossstroker.jpg
    <A HREF="http://thuggishtwo.com/imagebucket/testbluebg.jpg
    </A>" TARGET="_new">http://thuggishtwo.com/imagebucket/testbluebg.jpg
  2. Cool thanks
  3. Pretty sweet.
  4. Link doesnt work
  5. those look like very weak photoshops.. sorry.
  6. er, all im getting is a drawing from the side. that is no picture.
  7. dead link
  8. copy and paste works
  9. Any specs?

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