2006 Corvette ZO6

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 405HPZO6, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. New ZO6 Pics

    6 things I noticed

    Looks like a removable roof to me

    Alluminum frame

    Steering wheel looks different (bare frame pic)

    Stainless Steel Exhaust and not Titanium?

    Still same size exhaust, possibly the base C6 system?

    Were the "500hp" on the logo like in the other pic?

    Here's 2 more pics
  2. New ZO6 Pics

    Read the article and delete this post, because it makes you look really dumb, unless that's what you want.
  3. New ZO6 Pics

    This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on this site.
  4. New ZO6 Pics

    This is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on this site.
  5. New ZO6 Pics

    I did and everything I said still stands. Please inform me.

    Yes I know the roof isn't removeable but it looks like it is because it has a rubber gasket inbetween it and the piller.
  6. New ZO6 Pics

    What top of the line products? It doesn't even come w/ a name brand stereo, look for yourself. And the plastic used to make a Windex bottle is better quality they the plastic used in the dash of the Viper.

  7. New ZO6 Pics

    The Viper's interior is every bit as shocking as the C5's.
  8. New ZO6 Pics

    It's still cost prohibitive. If it weren't it would be another Enzo or something that extreme. The article didn't say it was MORE then the Carrera did it? Where did I say it was cheap? Hell, $50K wasn't cheap for the Z06. Even if it is $75K t's still $15,000 less then its closest competitor which it should dominate in all areas. In other words it's a bargain for what it is. I'm just sick of you acting like everyone was wrong when in fact YOU were the one that was WAY off base from the beginning.

    I thought the car would be right at 3,000 lb., so it does weigh more then I thought. I was also expecting a $60K pricetag. Not sure how far off I am on that.

    Call me a fanboy if you'd like, but the C5 and C6 have been amazing machines. No one can deny their drivability or performance.
  9. New ZO6 Pics

    I want it.
  10. New ZO6 Pics

    Looks Awsome but my mind is in two places on some of the designing.
    The lights screw the front up a bit.
  11. New ZO6 Pics

    I guess your reading comprehension just leaves a lot to be desired then.

    You: "Still same size exhaust, possibly the base C6 system?"

    The Article: "As on the C6R's race engine, hydroformed four-into-one tubular headers carry the exhaust from the heads, after which it's routed into a model-unique set of catalytic converters and dual-mode mufflers. The latter include a vacuum-operated valve that stays closed at low revs to manage noise and opens at larger throttle angles for minimum backpressure."

    You: "Steering wheel looks different (bare frame pic)"

    The Article: "On the inside, unique lighter, grippier leather seats are joined by a smaller and much more attractive three-spoke wheel, standard HUD and air conditioning, and reduced sound insulation."

  12. New ZO6 Pics

    Way off base from the beginning? Not even. The only thing everyone else was right about was the 7L. I never thought it was a photoshop. As soon as I saw PROOF there was 7L i believed (pic), but not before.
    They were wrong about the price, and the weight. I only posted in this thread in the first place because THEY were acting like they were entirely right the whole time, when they were only partially. Ans all of a sudden you come out of nowhere and get on my ass for pointing out where the great Z06-cocksuck that was The American Forums for the last 2 months was off base. Some rumors were right, some were wrong. Guess no one is allowed to remind people that its not all they thought it would be. For now the 4th time in this thread I'll say that no one is debating the quality of the car or the fair price/performance. No need to repeat what Ive already said. You're acting like Im insulting your wife or something.
  13. New ZO6 Pics

    Despite the higher-than-expected weight, and possibly higher-then-optimal pricetag, I'm still deeply in love with this car.
  14. New ZO6 Pics
  15. New ZO6 Pics

    Chill out man. You don't need to point out the obvious. I just don't see the need for you or anyone to jump in this thread and go on about how some of the rumors were wrong. That's what speculation is all about. Talk about the car and keep in mind that we DON'T know the price yet.

    Honestly, I think the styling looks a little jumbled with the front air scoop and rear brake vents. They should've found a way to make the brake ducts less.....gaudy.
  16. New ZO6 Pics

    Its a common test track and it really tests a cars limits in both acceleration and cornering ability.

    Probably better. TOp of the line? What that even mean? I know its just a poor excuse to try and bring this car down but still. Compared the the SRT-10, the C6 is a cadillac. In one of the spy pictures of this Z06 you can see a nav screen. That dosnt mean the real Z06 will but thats just an idea. Im sure this car will have as good as or better materials than the C6. If your talking body materials...Figerglass and carbon fiber is what the Z06 body is made of.

    They estimated the proced of the Z06 in the 60ss actually.

    you would because you wouldnt want to be seen in a superior car that you have been bashing for such a long time. And you dont even know what the price is.
  17. New ZO6 Pics

    Looks vulgar...
  18. New ZO6 Pics

    Other people are basking in the glory of their correctness on the 7L and rubbing it in people's faces, so I camein to be devils advocate. I have to be an E-thug from time to time I guess.
  19. New ZO6 Pics

  20. New ZO6 Pics

    I deserve to gloat! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. New ZO6 Pics

    It still doesn't say the size of the exhaust pipes or what they are made out of, wich was my origanal acknowledgement.

    And like I said, the steering wheel looks different.

  22. New ZO6 Pics

    Maybe when you actually buy one.
  23. New ZO6 Pics

    Maybe when you actually buy one.
  24. New ZO6 Pics

    what does that have to do about being right and gloating about it? I gloat about owning one when I actually buy one.

    edit: ohly chit bbcstachas has proven himself to actually be even more stupid than we thought before. Amazing
  25. New ZO6 Pics

    its #$%#in awesome.

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