2006 RX-7 Concept

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  1. after seeing a conceptual drawing of what was said to be the 2006 RX-7 concept in the new issue of road and track it has made me quite interested in it. if there is any one out there that has or has seen more pictures of this concept please post

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    well after 45 views and no replies other than my own, i have concluded that i am all alone on this matter. but thanx anyways
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    Not much help here, but I will be doing a lot of digging now, cause I'm quite amused. The RX-7's comeback?? SWEET!
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    I read on the motor trend website about it. Supposibly a two seat verison of the rx-8 . With a twin turbo pushing 300-350 hp.
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    dont complain about the rx-7's look until you've seen the concept of the new skyline (actually it looked nothing like any car on the road today it was just posted as a skyline) now that is 1 ugly peice of metal.
    they shouldnt supercharge it, id prefer a twin. now ive gotta finally find and buy me a 93-95 rx7 before im tempted to save up and wait for 3-4 years!
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    dont talk like that it only took me 1 year to find and purchace an fd and i am only 19.
    ps my car only has 70k on it and i just got it back after 3 weeks in the shop for 99 spec infini turbos and stage 2 street port. it is f u c k i n g sweet

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