2006 Spyker D12 Peking-To-Paris

Discussion in 'Prototypes, Concepts and Electric' started by mitch2147, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. That's basically like a Spyker C8 Allroad...
  2. horrendous exterior design...but the interior is up-to-par with the other Spykers. Nevertheless, I'd still drive one
  3. It has the same amount of class as this.
  4. its like a 500hp concept id buy it any day any price
  5. its like a 500hp concept id buy it any day any price
  6. its like a 500hp compact id buy it any day any price
  7. A denaturated Maserati look
  8. Agreed, it isn't a very attractive car.
  9. Jesus christ clicking that link made my pop-up blocker shit itself twice over!
  10. NO WAY....I used to think Spyker was a respectable car company. Even so, maybe that's why people buy one. It's to shockingly ugly not to have one. Maybe this is what they call "good taste" nowadays.
  11. ASS! Oh my god thats horrible!
  12. It's pretty stupid and kind of ugly. Would I want one if I had money flying out of my ass? Yes.
  13. retarded
  14. wow, I wish spyker would just stop making vehicles

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