2007 gmc truck and 07 chevy truck

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  2. An improvement, but no F150.
  3. my sister wants a new F150
  4. They are gona kick the crap outta the F-150 on the market and in the work field
  5. Looks good, but I don't think it will touch the sales of the Ford F-Series.
  6. will see
  7. These won't touch the F-Series.

    That black GMC looks pretty nice btw.
  8. it will have the same vortec max is has now. other than that its a 310hp 5.3. too bad toyota is putting a 350hp 5.7 in the new tundra. theyre fairly ugly tho. ill have to see one in the flesh. i am buying an 07 "classic" silverado crew cab LT1 with the 5.3 for 22k tho. they said i wouldnt be able to touch a new body style for that much tho.
  9. IT won't
  10. That info is wrong. The 6.0 is going to make 367hp and 375lb-ft, and the 5.3 will be putting out 315hp.
  11. Hahaha, that interior is so terrible...
  12. Not in Canada they won't
  13. that Denali front would look good on a Yukon.

    I think I'd still take the other 2 big trucks over these though.
  14. I like the GMC alot
  15. Sit in a Dodge Ram and tell me that interior is terrible.
  16. Who really cares about interiors in trucks anyway?
  17. Fags and Homosexuals.
  18. It's a truck you pansy. Get yourself a cute little mazda if you want a dandy lil' interior.
  19. Yeah really, Dodge trucks in general.
  20. is there any news on a follow up of the Syclone?..
  21. they look pretty good (GMC looks best) but I have reservations about the rack system in back. Wont that get in the way of a spray in bedliner?
  22. The center console on the Chevy... is retarded. Lets put all the buttons concentrated in this small little area and leave the same amount of space devoid of anything.

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