2007 Locus Supercar

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    Having more than 22 years of experience in the fiber reinforced composite materials and in the exception car building, working, repairing and modifying Lamborghinis and other prestigious models, Luc Chartrand launched out into the design of a car that would represent perfection to him in terms of esthetics and mechanics.

    After more than two years, he finally found a quite impressive concept. Inspired by other designers, he imagined a car that would stand out from others: with a really advanced interior and a quite large rear, an enormous air intake on each side, the LOCUS has no cause to be envious of any other cars in her class.

    Often encouraged by friends, themselves Lamborghini owners, to get involved in the making of a prototype, Luc finally decided to produce one. The making goes well and the prototype that will serve as the mother mold is almost finished. The enthusiasm of people for this model is already noticeable.


    Body: Carbon fiber
    Frame: Carbon fiber


    Suspension: air-electronic
    Adjustable steering column: electric and manual adjustment
    Driver's seat: electric
    Mirrors: electric (memory)
    Windows: electric
    Air conditioning: auto climate control
    Interior: leather, 3 seats, central driving
    Audio equipment: 5.1 sound system, cd dvd, 7 speaker, GSS
    Door closing and opening: automatic, electric, manual and remote control
    Interior mirror: retrovision (camera LCD screen)
    Proximity sensor: front, back and lateral
    Tire pressure detector: 4 wheels


    Disposal: longitudinal and central
    Nameplate: GM
    Architecture: V8
    Capacity: 8.2 liters
    Power: 550 hp - 1000 hp
    Torque: 565 lb.


    Architecture: rear wheel drive
    Gearbox: 6 speed Tremec manual (aluminum)
    Differential: locking Getrag (aluminum)


    Disposal: power-assisted rack and pinion
    Suspension: independent wheel double wishbone suspension, shock absorber LOCUS systems
    Brakes: AP racing front, 15 inch ventilated disks, aluminum 6 piston-caliper
    Rear: 14 inch ventilated disks, aluminum 4 piston-caliper


    Wheelbase: 115 in or 294 cm
    Length: 178 inch or 452 cm
    Width: 87 inch or 222 cm
    Height: 44 inch or 112 cm
    Weight: 1250 kg
    Tires: Michelin pilot sport
    Front: 255/40 zr/18
    Rear: 415/30 zr/18 (future availability 400/30zr/18)
    Rim: aluminum 3 parts
    Front: 18/9
    Rear: 18/13


    Automatic transmission


    $250,000 Canadian

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  3. so thats what you get when you mix ascari with ugly.
  4. ferrari rip??
  5. *Ascari
  6. It's not a rip of anything, i happen to think that this car is relativly good looking aswell thank you very much. Oh and its canadian, witch is a first in a long time, that will be an interesting part of this cars developement
  7. The tail lights are from the current model Ford Thunderbird
  8. There is no current Thunderbird. Thuderbird's production stoped in 2005.
  9. Locus is latin for the place (where you drop your shit)
  10. rears are not 415. no way.
  11. I doubt that it has an 8.2 liter engine either.
  12. Right? I mean lets say they ultra super overbore this thing to 4.250 and for good measure throw on the deepest crank ever crammed into a modified SBC block. like a 4.2 yeah? something like 480ci which I feel confidant exists, but that equates to about 7.9 litres. And that's as extreme as it's gonna get in a without serious unheard of modifications to the block.
  13. Thats the one.
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    GM makes a 502 Chevy crate motor


    thats just one of them, theres other 502 motors.
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    I've known about those engines for many years, but I'd be surprised to see a BB in a modern supercar.
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    Okay, a BB. What was the last mid engined supercar to sport one of those? Ford GT40? Never heard of a BBC ever in the MR setup.
  17. A very ugly mix of SSC aero (already ugly) and like someone said b4, the ascari kz1 (not bad looking at all)
  18. This car looks better than either of those.
  19. I think it's hot.
  20. like a steaming turd
  21. No, not really
  22. Yes, actually it does
  23. Is this a 3 seater? The steering column is in the center?
  24. .............
  25. I think i have seen that somewhere

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