2007 Lotus Elise

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  1. 2007 Lots Elise

    i just scanned this from the latest copy of Car & Driver. somehow.. the new car looks like it lost all the charm of an Elise.. and looks just like every other "new" car now. i'm sure it'll still be wonderful to drive... but i dunno..
  2. Doesnt work, post the pic again
  3. Hmmmm, im not too fond of that front end...
  4. Pffffft I dont think it will look like that!
  5. i like the smoother rounder edges of the current elise alot more than that thing
  6. I prefer the current one.
  7. That picture is probably a very inaccurate guess, but the fact that those safety mods will be added WILL add a lot of weight, and maybe a price increase.
  8. This is yet another scoop from AutoExpress and is probably just as false as their scoop of the V6 Elise or styling ideas that Lotus gave Autocar and the rest of the world that took as gospel that was the new design just because it was on the front cover.
  9. This is much nicer...
  10. Its alright... I don't really like those headlights though
  11. i will be sad if it looks like that.
  12. Agreed. I hate the look of the car in that C&D pic...
  13. Gay RX8 look-alike.
  14. looks like an Opel Speedster
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    It matches these pics: http://webdb4.patent.gov.uk/designs?csbdesign=3018262

    but who knows if it will end up looking like that.
  16. thats rather not nice. i will not be happy if it ends up looking anything like that.
  17. I think the current one looks better
  18. Generation 1, is even better looking!
  19. It would be better if they came up with a new Esprit.
  20. I think that is a spy photo with the covered stuff computer enhanced. It looks like it. Or maybe I'm just too optimistic...
  21. Looks "American", plus it's supposed to be getting bigger...for more interior space awesome! Way to #$%# up a great car.
  22. Now it looks like a stupid kit car.

    It better not look like that. The current Elise looks very clean, smooth, and sporty.
  23. post the pic again

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