2007 Toyota Tundra

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    2007 Toyota Tundra

    Ready for Launch

    Prototypes of Toyota’s next generation Tundra pick-up are currently undergoing last cold weather testing in North America before the new model’s launch at the 2006 Chicago Motor Show.

    The Tundra came first on the market in 1999, and the new model to come will be an all new vehicle. The 2007 Tundra will be bigger, more powerful and will offer new styling and engine configurations. This all-new Tundra will be built in America at both Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Indiana and the new San Antonio,Texas plants.


  2. I know near to nothing about "american" pickups. Is this in the same level as a Navara?
  3. I have no idea either, but this seems to be a bit bigger. Americans will have to enlighten us.
  4. I've seen a couple of new Navaras by now and the thing looks really great/big
  5. Reminds me of the F-Series.
  6. If it is infact larger then the previous version it will be a true full-size pickup. The Tundra is currently about 95% of the size of a Silverado, F-150, Titan, Ram, etc.
  7. it is not very good looking.
  8. I hope the new V8 gets GDI/SMP like the IS350.
  9. I hope its not ugly like the tacoma.
  10. Why does that Dodge have a Toyota badge on it?
  11. looks like a ford F150
  12. It better be a Full-size truck this time.
  13. I hope they make a diesel for it.
  14. Toyota might as well give up, they ruined the tundra name by making it 7/8ths scale. No one will give it a serious look now.
  15. Thats what one of the dealers told me is coming next.
  16. looks similar to a F150
  17. looks pretty nice
  18. yeah, like no-one mentioned how it looks like a F-150
  19. I saw a Toyota truck today with what looked like a flareside bed, looked pretty decent actually. Couldn't tell if it was a Tacoma or a Tundra, but it looked good regardless.
  20. Looks impressive.
  21. Ford made it
  22. ya, but i like the size of it just the styling is a little goofy

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