2007 Tundra

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  1. Does it suck or not? The styling inside and out seems much improved, although it's still the last I'd probably pick (behind even the Nissan)...
  2. is it just me, or would you need to get the passenger to adjust the air-con...look how far away it is.

    looks like the front end style was inspired by a pig.
  3. its too big, too ugly, and too american IMO.
  4. I think they did a decent job.
  5. That's a pitiful rendition of a rear door.
  6. not overly impressed.
  7. I actually think that's a nice looking truck. I wouldn't buy one, but I like the way it looks. And what's wrong with that rear door? The domestics just continue the extrusion farther, with zero design going into the rear doors.
  8. It's small which makes it hard to get in and out of the truck, and it could make it hard to put a wide object in the back seat, then there's the tiny window that's looks like it belongs on an extended cab pickup.
  9. It's almost as long as the front door.
  10. i would have to say it looks like toyota is bringing the worst interior of the bunch into market, and the second ugliest exterior (this is of course not counting chevy/serria because we dont know what they look like yet, they could be worst)

    pretty bad if you ask me, and even more so when you read their claim that they will "turn the truckworld upside down" "reinvent what a truck should be"
  11. ugliest truck on the market
  12. That interior is way too untraditional for truck buyers. Toyota is taking a huge risk.
  13. My fearless prediction:

    It will hold its value well.
  14. Mine:

    They will fail at "turning the truckworld upside down", and "reinventing what a truck should be".
  15. Look American.
  16. Man, every automaker says that. If that happened to the truck world as often as they claimed it did, trucks would run on blood.
  17. Gimme a Ford F150 instead. Especially a King Ranch version.
  18. If I were to get a fullsize truck it would be a Nissan Titan or Ford F150.
  19. good call
  20. Front end looks like a dodge
  21. It looks very Dodge overall.
  22. this and the Ridgeline are pretty close
  23. I bet it will look better in a darker color.
  24. I think so too. Much rather have a Titan. Where did this 5.7L come from though?? What happened to the 4.7L?
  25. Isn't the 4.7 in some Lexi' still?

    Toyota has all the cash in the universe. They can come out with a new engine any time it pleases them...

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