2008 Cadillac CTS World Debut Announced

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    "Cadillac has engineered an historic renaissance, with a completely new product portfolio, driven in large part by the original CTS," said general manager Jim Taylor. "Success can drive conservatism, but not for Cadillac. The next chapter, beginning in January, promises to be even more dramatic."

    The debut of the redesigned 2008 CTS in the marketplace is scheduled for late-summer of 2007 in the U.S., with worldwide exports to follow in the fall. As this new chapter prepares to open, the current CTS model continues to be an automotive success story.
  2. I hope it shits on the 3 series.
  3. Wow, that looks pretty damn good.
  4. yeah, i like too...its very clean looking and has a good shape, but its kind of too big looking (for its class).
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  7. That pic is a photoshopped current generation CTS-V.
  8. no....i think its real.

    look at some spy pics and look at that pic again.
  9. I doubt the '08 CTS will be faster than the E92 335i, but the V may be (if the horsepower is still around 400, likely 440-450 for 2008). When the E92 V-8 M3 replaces the E46 M3, however, the CTS and the CTS-V (being the extremely heavy Cadillacs that they are) are probably gonna need a bit of a boost to keep up.
  10. Looks ok, i still hate the new Cadillac names though. If I should buy a Cadillac I want it du be called de Ville, Eldorado, Fleetwood or something like that.
  11. a little more than meh...that's the way cadillac should be, GM shouldn't get rewarded for doing things the way they're supposed to.
  12. Doesn't look that different from the current generation CTS. I thought it would be more dramatic than that, save for the redone front end.
  13. Which pic?
  14. The current CTS is just 200lbs heavier than the 335i. I hear the 08 CTS is supposed to have near 300hp, I doubt it will be a 13 second car like the 335, but it will be close.
  15. The pic on the website, moron.
  16. Damn, I really liked the looks of the previous CTS. With the depriciation of used American cars here in Europe, I might just able to afford one pretty soon.
  17. but of course!
  19. Pretty sweet. The CTS is pro. A CTS-V will probably be a smokin' hot deal of a used car in another couple of years.
  20. The problem with that is that everyone associates them with old people.
  21. Is there a need to be a dick right now?
    Pics are not showing up for me, adblock must be removing them...
  22. looks ..........the same
  23. Haha.

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