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  1. Announced alongside the new 2008 Ford Focus, the 2008 Ford Five Hundred brings the model a more modest update. The new Five Hundred features a new front end to bring it into line with the Fusion, and now Focus, grille design. Also new to the 2008 model is a more powerful 3.5-liter V-6 engine, including a new six-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive system.

    This new model also improves safety with structural improvements and Ford's AdvanceTrac stability control system. Ford's group vice president of North American Cisco Codina explained that, "Customers love the Five Hundred’s ride and package, and its safety reputation is excellent […] For this year, we’ve dialed up the appeal with a new, more expressive look, a more powerful engine and more than 500 changes to make this great car even better."

    The 2008 Five Hundred’s 3.5-liter Duratec V-6 now offers an estimated 260 horsepower and 245 pound-feet of torque. Other features include the option to install a SIRIUS satellite radio, FordSync, and a DVD entertainment system.
  2. Any angle shots? That head on shot just looks bloody weird.
  3. i like the tailights
  4. not yet.
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  6. I am SO glad it's had its soft-rounded front restyled, but the front shot makes me really want a different angle. Looks like a damn truck with that initial photo. If that front turns out to be nice, that + the AWD will be a great package IMO.
  7. Not that much of a fan. It only looks good on the angle the third shot shows.
  8. it looks good
  9. Thanks for those, but ugh. Too simple/truck like, and it reminds me of an old Sable.
  10. im not much of a fan, but it is an improvment.

    that ford that was in the new james bond needs to be brought to america NOW!
  11. Looks good now bring it to europe.
  12. What would we do with that in here?
  13. man that's really ugly.
  14. Its based on the old S80 platform so its a good car, ford needs something above the Mondeo wich they havent had since the horrible Scorpio went out of production.
  15. Ford doesn't need something above the Mondeo; that's what Volvo is for.
  16. Volvo is premium ford is not, non premium large cars are needed aswell.
  17. srsly
  18. Tell me a non premium large car which sells well.
  19. Uh, nice previous-gen Mercedes rear lights...
  20. There are no such cars in europe at the moment.
  22. Then maybe there isn't a need for them...
  23. There is a need for them but as long as they dont exist people buy SUVs instead.
  24. Maybe they stopped existing because people prefered buying SUV's instead?
  25. Yes, because SUVs was a trend wich it isnt anymore thank god.

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