2008 Golf GTI turbo is shit

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Gemballa, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Frined of mine bought one and on its speedo is 180mp/h.
    And I owned it on the strate line and on the track also with my 11 year old Volvo

  2. It can't run with you.
  3. i'm dissapointed lado. i think it's one of the best cars out there today(especially the engine).
  4. It was probably a factory detuned version sold to detuned people like you and your friend.
  5. They probably weight about the same.
  6. It had great sound of turbo and all, I also like its two intake pipes in the middle. But that was the only cool/good thing.
    It really is slow for a 2008 year GTI.
    It has to be faster
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  13. is this the real gemballa or hijacked>?
  14. It's just Big Rob.
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  17. I would say that more about the GLI. I have some n00b ass friends that drive GLIs and talk some pretty ridiculous shit.
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  19. ur nigga bf can't drive
  20. It wasn't from USA you filthy slav. You were probably so doped up on low grade coke and your friends jizz in your eyes to see that it was a 1998 Golf 1.6L.
  21. I love how PandaBeat is always on at the exact same time as Gemballa.
  22. how much do you love it ?
  23. i love this thred already

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