2008 Lexus LX 570

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  1. Luxury liner sources power from Tundra

    AutoWeek | Published 04/03/07, 2:36 pm et

    More power, goals of better on- and off-road capabilities and increased interior room highlight the 2008 Lexus LX 570 premiering in New York. Power, from the 5.7-liter, 381-hp V8 developed for parent company Toyota’s full-size Tundra, jumps 113 hp over the outgoing LX 470.

    The Tundra’s six-speed automatic is also part of the new powertrain package. Electrohydraulic suspension and active height control reduce body roll and increase on-road comfort. Off-road abilities should benefit from increased wheel travel, crawl control and multiterrain antilock brakes.

    Visually, the LX 570 taps into the Lexus L-finesse design theme for a more refined look, and the eight-passenger interior is 4 inches longer and nearly an inch wider. The LX 570 goes on sale in early 2008.
  2. holy fynk that's uggers
  3. Well it's good theyve decided to update their 10 year old design, but not so good that it looks like a big shiny turd.
  4. It looks like a stupid turd.
  5. It looks like a Toyota Highlander on steroids, which isn't a good thing.
  6. Another POS Lexus.
  7. Lexus lol.
  8. Hyundai!
  9. Wow, is this 1999.
  10. But just look how up to date the 2007 model is!
  11. More LX 570 pics:
  12. That nuclear sub command center they call a console/dash is way to #$%#ing busy for me.
  13. Lincoln want their tailights back.
  14. It's not too bad. I'd drive it...if I didnt have to pay for it.
  15. My first thought as well.
  16. lol at least the old LX had the badcore landcruiser look
  17. Lexus Expedition XLT
  18. you can get an optional rocket launcher in the UAE
  19. You forgot the winky face. Also, at least the navi screen is nice and huge.
  20. We have one at my work. Lexus sent it to us to get it ready for comercials. I drove it into the shop once, i think its pretty cool.
  21. Nice to see the current LX finally getting replaced, but I would choose the Cadillac Escalade over that thing in a heartbeat.
  22. Meh, but still better looking than the Navigator.
  23. So many things wrong with this new juggernaut that I'm starting to worry about what they might do to the Land Cruiser.
  24. fugly. They should have pushed the wheelbase a bit
  25. and consumer reports will probably claim it is the greatest SUV ever.

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