2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show

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  1. Is anyone going besides me?
  2. I hear Ferrari is dropping out
  3. I thought about it but decided I don't like auto shows anymore. Way too crowded if you cant be there on a press day, and you can just see all the pics online afterward anyways. I don't want to pay to be pushed around by these disgusting typical car show people trying to get pics with their cell phones.
  4. Dont go on weekends, go on a tuesday morning. That what I did last year and it was good.
  5. Its not.
  6. Ferrari dropped out of Detroit, not LA.
  7. I'm going on tuesday. Anybody else?
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  10. I just got back from the show and I'm not sure if it's a reflection of the economy/state of the auto industry, or if that's just how the LA show is, but it was probably only 1/3 the size of NAIAS.

    I'm also really fearful of the way the auto industry is going as a whole. Design-wise, cars are getting worse and worse every year. The Ferrari California was absolutely terrible looking, the new Mazda3 looked like crap, the Lexus IS/Infiniti G convertibles might as well have been Chrysler Sebrings, and just about everything else just blends into the horizon. The new Mustang looked good, and the interior is a VAST improvement, but the design isn't THAT much different than the one I've already grown tired of over the last 4 years...

    The only things that really stood out to me were the Spykers, Gumperts, and the SL65 Black.

    Pics to follow.
  11. Yes it is sad, automotive design has really hit a low. To many cars are getting rounded out for aero/gas mileage, or are just plain ugly. And of course the spykers and gumperts stood out, u actually like cars unlike 99% of the driving population that only uses cars to get from point A to point B.

    Can't wait to see the pics btw.
  12. I'm going

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