2008 Mercedes SL facelift

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Feb 27, 2008.

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  2. To bad the headlights are meh.
  3. going to leave about the same comment as last time.

    It looks like an old slk..
  4. I like it.
  5. I am still not fully getting it : it is a facelift or a new car... looking at the changes applied, it seems to be in between in fact.
  6. It seriously remins me of the R170 slk in the sideshots. Kinda ironic that the slk had the power domes first.
  7. nice wheels
  8. why is that ironic?
  9. right now it is seen as a new SL, but when this one is replaced by an entirely new car, it will probably be seen as an upgraded W230. Like 996 Mk1 and 996 Mk2 for example.
  10. The front doesnt match the old tired rear.
  11. sorry bout the lo-res
  12. still not doing anything for me.
  13. They could make it look like a banana and people would probably still buy it. Because it's an SL.
  14. it needs E-classe headlights.
  15. The last SL was meant to deviate away from it's old look and follow the new style of quad circular lights. As well, they took ideas off a "low level" car and put it on their best car.

    Usually it works in reverse, that technology and style filters down to the lower levels (like the CL to C class in terms of electronics). With the SL and the SLK it's been the reverse, that's where the irony is.

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