2009 BMW Z4

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    Looks like the NA 2.5 Inline 6 and 3.0 TT inline 6 will be the initial engine options, with the later M version sporting the new M3 V8... it will also have a standard folding hardtop, gone is the current soft-top, thank god. I like the styling of the new Z4.. apparently the BMW CS concept is the direction BMW is taking for styling.

  2. I like that mean front
  3. damn folding hardtops
  4. It looks good but doesn't really look new.
  6. It's a render, doofuses
  8. Too bad this is a photoshop
  10. I can almost see a bit of the Dodge Demon in it...
  12. I like the Z4. The Z4 is good.
  13. hardtop coupe with the v8 will be madaz bro!
  14. Lot of CS in there, huh?
  15. I am pleased
  16. Looks good.
  17. I hope it looks like this. Kinda wondering about the folding roof. The Z4 already has a tiny trunk, how much space would be left? Atleast the SLK has a decent trunk relative to it's segment.
  18. looks nice but i think looks like more of a z8
  20. Meh at hard top. BMW should really make a sports car.
  21. this car says 'im comin to eat you' lol looks seriously good
  22. I hope it does eat you.
  23. Much Much better. Current Gen BMW's have got it spot on. They finally got rid of the fug.

  24. oh ye uve definately been eaten and spat out by it lol

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