2009 Camaro List

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bigp1202, May 26, 2007.

  1. Please post your avatar in the highest res you have.

    Then change it to something less awesome.
  2. and yet the V6 models that the Ladies buy can keep a car afloat while the competition dies

    I guess a lot of guys forget that a good part of the vehicle buying population is female, and I would guess that they buy more cars than guys since a bunch of the males would be truck buyers.
  3. come on now, it would probably do just as great as the V8 only GTO
  4. WTF is with all of the 6 cylinder hate? Porsche makes nice 6 cylinder cars. A certain 6 cylinder Jaguar is still faster than a C6 Z06 in getting to a hundred (atleast by this sites numbers). There are some really nice inline sixes that have been made over the years also.

    If you want to hate, atleast hate properly. You could just state that you dislike base model cars and accept the fact that most models of cars would't exist without them. How many of the current generation Mustangs would you see on the road if the only made the GT500? How many of the last generation would you see if they only made the Cobra's?
  5. HA! I see a few GTOs a week compared to 10xxx V6 Mustangs a week
  6. Yeah Camaros definitely fail, thats why a guy with a E63 mercedes AMG was respecting my car, because we raced 3 times and I beat him twice. (spun tires my other run, but I was pulling by 3rd gear)

    obviously a Mercedes E63 AMG is a very respectable car. Im just saying a guy driving it was respecting my car.
  7. Why don't you shut up?
  8. +1
  9. 4 Cylinder Camaro > 6 Cylinder Camaro > 8 Cylinder Camaro
  10. 2 Cylinder Camaro>>>>
  11. pretty much always does
  12. You do know that the '68 spoiler you love so much was part of the RS package don't you?
  13. scratch that there is no E63 amg, it was a CLS 63 AMG.

    No thanks.
  14. plz shut pu
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