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    Hey, gang! The 2009 track day schedule is complete! We wanted to make sure you, our previous track competitors and good friends were the first to know “what’s up”. While the registration for the first events is not available on the web site quite yet it will be soon!

    If you have any questions – now or at any time this year – please email me at [email protected], or call me at (860) 673-0823. You feedback / suggestions for CART events is always appreciated.


    MAY 8 – POCONO NORTH COURSE. As always the day will include both a time trial in the afternoon in addition to the Team Challenge. If you are unfamiliar with the team challenge send me an email & I’ll send you the details. It’s proving to be the most popular time trial event around! Cost is $215.

    MAY 29 – NEW JERSEY MOTORSPORTS PARK – LIGHTNING COURSE! It’s official! We will be sharing the course with the Aston Martin Owners Association – one hour for them, one for us, all day. We will have a total of 5 hours of track time including a full time trial (no team challenge at NJMP – sorry!. We expect this event to sell quickly as there will be a cap on the number of entries – so you might want to sign up for this one as soon as it’s available online. Cost is $270.

    JUNE 18 – LIME ROCK PARK. This is a ½ day HPDE, 1pm – 5pm. Since all tech, etc. will be completed before the start of the event the full 4 hours will be available for “on track” use. Number of cars will be limited to insure adequate track time for all. No time trial will be held. Cost is $230.

    JULY 20 – POCONO SOUTH COURSE. The best course for those just getting into the track experience and also for putting your car through it’s paces. As with all Pocono events this one will include both a Time Trial AND the Team Challenge before ending the day as late as possible! Cost is $215.

    AUGUST 28 – POCONO NORTH COURSE. Our second “north” course event of the season. Good weather, warm days, a fast track, Time Trial, Team Challenge, much fun! Cost is $215.

    SEPTEMBER 28 - THE SECOND ANNUAL CIRCUITS MAXIMUS at POCONO RACEWAY! Our PREMIER event! An unbelievable day of as many track miles as you can handle – across 3 tracks – EAST, NORTH, SOUTH! A limit of 75 cars (25 per course) insures OPEN TRACK all day! Three run groups – determined by speed & experience. Your run group starts on one track at 9 AM, rotates to the next at 10, and then to the next at 11. At noon belt in the wife / hubby / significant other and take them for parade laps around the full NASCAR circuit in paced laps. After lunch – open track on the circuit (circuits?) of your choice. This will all be complimented by AT LEAST 2 TIME TRIALS – North & East – and CART’s famous TEAM CHALLENGE on North to end the day!

    We hope you will come and have some fun with us at a number of our events this year! Again – any questions or suggestions – [email protected] or (860) 673-0823. TO REGISTER – use this link: www.cartct.com/trial_reg.sjtml or just go to cartct.com and click on the time trial info in the left column!


    To be sure everyone is aware CART has modified the roll bar / cage requirements for the 2009 season. We want all of our competitors to come back and compete with us year after year! As such, our new roll bar rules are:

    The following vehicles must be equipped with a minimum 4 point roll bar that meets SCCA GCR regulation (5 point bar with forward brace into the passenger foot well is recommended, but forward bracing is not required):

    - All open roof cars (includes cars with a removable “hard top”).

    - Any car that has been modified / altered to the point where it can no longer be registered for street use in the state of Connecticut .

    - Any car that is registered for street use and is competing in ANY “modified” class (modified per SCCA GCR).

    The following vehicles must be equipped with a full roll cage that meets SCCA GCR regulation:

    - Any car running “true” racing tires (non DOT approved)

    - Any car that has been modified / altered to the point where it can no longer be registered for street use in the state of Connecticut and is competing in ANY “modified” class.
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