2009 Eclipse

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    Hot or not.


    Images of Mitsubishi’s 2009 model year Eclipse range have turned up just days before the official release of the car at this week’s Chicago Auto Show. The biggest update for the car is the new front end, which sports a revised bumper styled similarly to the flagship Evo Lancer, as well as a new rear bumper complete with an integrated diffuser.

    Mechanical updates consist of a new dual exhaust system for the 3.8L V6 motor, which boosts power up to 265hp and torque up to 262lb-ft. The car comes standard with a six-speed manual gearbox or an optional Sportronic five-speed self-shifter with pseudo manual control.

    The performance Eclipse GT now comes standard with stability control, ventilated disc brakes with ABS and a large rear spoiler. Stay tuned for all the official information and high-res images from the Chicago Show.
  2. I really like it.
  3. Better, but there are other cars I rather have in this segment.
  4. Def better. Gimme AWD or something.
  5. thats heaps nice, they need to sell it in Australia
  6. ya same.

    its priced fairly high as well.

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  7. I much rather have a Altima Coupe.
  8. meh.. i dunno
  9. I wish they hadn't killed the GSX. If this were comparable to the Evo in terms of performance, I'd almost be tempted to consider getting one.
  11. yes! they need to bring back a gsx-ish version, AWD works.
  12. still ugly.
  13. GTR front WTF?
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  15. What other cars are in this segment? (being FWD 4 passenger coupes)

    A GTi isn't really the same, neither is a Civic Si. There is no Corrado, a Mustang is different ... I can only think of a Hyundai Tiburon, and SURELY you wouldn't rather have that!?
  16. still looks like a chick car. any man cought driving one of these is gehy.
  17. id totally have it if it was AWD or RWD.
  18. the new civic si is definitley a FWD 4 passenger coupe.
  19. Evo front.........

    that being said, they should make an Evo version of this.
  20. no evo
  21. and ur wrong
  22. They really should. I guess they don't want to threaten the Lancer with a 300HP AWD GSX or whatever, but stealing your own sales isn't THAT bad. I mean they'd probably be gaining sales overall as I'm sure some would buy a new GSX that wouldn't buy an Evo.
  23. ya.. instead of making the ralliart lancer, should have just thrown that awd system in the eclipse
  24. I think the Altima has slgihtly more HP, but I do love the styling of the current eclipse. It'd be a toss up, because the Altima is pretty slick too (but big, holy shit).
  25. i think its ugly imo (the altima coupe, and yes it has 5 more hp)

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