2009 Eclipse

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by CSTUBS, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Those pics make it look like a Cobalt buttfvcked a Tiburon.
  2. cobalt meets gtr in the front? neone...??
  3. rather have a nissan gt-r
  4. It's better but not buy worthy.
  5. you mean it didn't?
  6. It is less of a poser car than this gen eclipse. At least it is rear wheel drive.
  7. If you're a retard I could understand you thinking that. I have a $1000 RWD beater, which comapred endless fwd beaters, is pretty badass/manly. It isnt a brand new car Im spending XX,XXX on.
  8. its still shit though, you can admit that right?
  9. what in your mind is this eclipse trying to be? lol
  10. Of course its shit.
  11. Still a bit too soft.
  13. EVO X front more like...
  14. whys everyone complaining that its FWD i thought it was available AWD. i might be wrong.
  15. Yes you are wrong, and your avatar makes me think you might be used to it. Its a FWD torque steering shitbox. Forget the awd, put the gas tank in the front and the motor in the back.

  17. RLY?!?!?!
  18. I'll never take it seriously until it becomes RWD.

    They can make a low/mid-level Sedan a rocket, why can't they make one out of a sports car?
  19. Because silly artsy Murikans from California are designing them.
  20. +1
    you printed the image i had in my mind
  21. I hate that color.
  22. they look completely different, and the evo has a similar grille within the same company, so dont be retarded and compare it to a GTR
  23. Um, they look exactly the same and they are since its the company's current look. The problem is this turd reminds me of better cars because of certain parts iand its not good. Kinda like the Sebring having the hood lines of the Crosfire, everytime you see one now, you tihnk of the sEbring. Ugh.
  24. so eventually the GT-R will remind you of an eclipse? I hope not, that is terrible.
  25. Better, but still sucks

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