2009 Eclipse

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  1. No, but it really waters down the GT-Rs look when shitty cars have similar features. I'd try to distance the Eclipes from tht look since it isnt really a badass sports car like the Evo X and GTR are. It's a car for girls, black people and ricers.
  2. sigh.....
  4. eat shit and die FAGGOT no one cares about your GTR wannabe eclipse
  5. your parents must be proud. go jump off a bridge for everyone.
  6. I don't think they'll offer AWD on account of the Evolution being in existence. When was the last year for AWD DSM's? Possible correlation of FWD with the introduction of the EVO is US markets? Meh.

    I like the profile of it, however from head on it looks like it's got a badonkidonk.
  7. ok, but the new lancer had a similar front before the GTR, so is the GTR a copy of the new lance?
  8. i didn't say anyone copied anything. I just said they are similar. The new lancer's front is not really that similar to me.

    BTW the GTR concept was first released in 2001.
  9. No I think they homo'd up the Eclipse by making it FWD only well before the Evo was offered in the US.
  10. Eh I don't know the history of the vehicle well enough.

    I don't see what's so bad in releasing two nice AWD autos in to the market.
  12. Nissan called. They want their front end back.
  13. They look completely different?! HAHA! What the #$%# is wrong with you?
  14. I agree with the above two posts.
  15. this will have no where near the GTR performance, what is mitsu thinking trying to copy the speedy looks of the GTR, this prolly wasnt even put in the wind tunnel the same amount of hours either. I know the evo 10 is as fast, but why copy ?? maybe they are trying to beat the 911, which is so much shittier then the GTR anyways, so mitsu is creating another shit car, they need to at least make it AWD to compete. what was the Nring times on the ecplipse? musta been pretty decent, its got 265hp!!
  16. i think most everyone would prefer if you went ahead and did that
  17. Considering where they started, it's an massive improvement. Though the props go to Audi, I'm afraid...
  18. There is nothing wrong with it, Subaru have always done it. However I think this particular car would sell far better if it were RWD.
  19. You've gotta be kidding me, in the thumbnail it could be mistaken for a yellow GT-R. Besides, the EVO, GT-R, and this new Eclipse all have a small intake with the logo in it, black/charcoal colored bumper, and then a big radiator grill under that. If the Eclipse looks like one, it would by default also look like the other, and shape wise it's closer to the one on the GT-R than the EVO. This argument is so ridiculous.
  20. i would be
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    certainly more than you do

    also check this out: http://tinyurl.com/2xp7oy
  23. god im tempted to ban you, but bigrob might get upset
  24. I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.
  25. go for it, based on what grounds, that your an idiot?

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