2009 Ford Flex revealed...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. this is not a concept, this exact vehicle will be for sale next summer.... along side the taurus x. to me this kinda makes the taurus x redundant.

    anyways, i think this will be a hit. its not beautiful, but it is interesting and different. AAAAND practical, cool features, etc.. looks like ford is delivering on the bread and butter products fairly well.. edge, fusion, flex, maybe taurus.
  2. that is #$%#ing awesome. Ford actually got it into production intact!

    And this is a minivan type of vehicle not an SUV.
  3. I want it with a good diesel and AWD.
  5. Well what the #$%# is it then!!?!

    It's an SUV!
  6. are you #$%#ing kidding? the Edge is selling like crazy.
    Its outselling the GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook and a shitload of other CUV's. Its a success.
  7. People love to hate on Ford, but you have to admit this thing is pretty damn good. As a minivan alternative I would definately consider one. My only concern is that Ford has way too many of these SUV/Crossover vehicles in the same price range: Ford Taurus X, Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Ford Flew... Seems very confusing and unnecessary to me.
  8. UhhMurrikuns like choices when it comes to gas guzzling terrorist supporting SUV's.
  9. Sorry, *Flex not Flew.
  10. The best looking Mini-Van?
  11. I don't really see how its a crossover vehicle.

    Its a Boxy Subaru Legacy Wagon type deal, a Stretch Scion, a lowered Jeep Commander. Its nothing new really.
  12. looks excellent. So much better than any other minivan out there, except maybe the honda odyssey.
  13. I like this alot.
  14. it should sell well, seeing as the fairlane concept its based on was very well received.
  15. None of those three vehicles have anything to do with each other, or this Ford. The Legacy is a station wagon, a Scion is a "city-car," and a Jeep Commander is a full-size truck-type SUV (you know, it can off-road). The Ford Flex is neither a station wagon, a city car, or a full-size truck-type SUV.
  16. That is pretty cool looking.
  17. I like it, but I'm not sure why. Damn you Ford!
  18. I actualy like it. Thats pretty cool asuming it does get decent gas milage.
  19. Crossover? NO its a large ass estate. Now just give it some wood trim and we are in business.
  20. i like it, the interior is nice too.
  21. ugh....exterior is terrible and the interior is a rip from the Volvo lineup.
  22. This is awesome! Kinda what a late 70's Wagoneer should be like nowadays: fully sik.

    I really like this car!
  23. Great Power. The front style also very cool.
  24. This is supposed to replace the minivan and it doesn't have sliding rear doors? That's probably the most useful part about minivans for parents.

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