2009 Le Mans Live Discussion

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by numbers, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    So funny so far
    Peugeot 1-2-3
    Audi crash
    Flying Lizard second in gt2

    Good fun
  2. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    Awesome gt2 battle going on between Ferrari, Porsche, Porsche, and Porsche. Team Flying Lizard is one, dunnno the rest
  3. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    Peugeot and Peugeot Pescarolo in pit crash
  4. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    The no. 17 Peugeot involved in the pit accident has a puncture under the dunlop bridge
  5. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    And dropping tyre all over the mulsanne, ripping apart the bodywork. Stupid driver
    Safety car deployed
  6. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    If you have damage to the left side of your car, why would you drive on the right hand side of the track letting debris fly off??!!
  7. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    That was painful to watch and I'm shocked that the Pescarolo pit member didn't stop Lamy from pulling forward.
  8. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    I'm surprised his own pit crew let him go
  9. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    Does the incoming car have right of way in LM?
  10. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    And the safety car doesn't pick up the leader? Weirdness! Still pretty good stuff, first time I'm watching it, so excuse the n00b questions.
  11. 2009 Le Mans Discussion

    I think it does
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  13. Thanks, the stream I watched yesterday did not work today, now watching...
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  15. so far Aston Martin is pretty sloppy.
  16. But soooo pretty!
  17. Just a question, what are the three lights on the side for? And what if only one or two of them are on?
  18. Position, class I think.
  19. Risi #82 leading GT2!
  20. The lights represent the position in class the car is is. All of the cars have these.

    Ex: 2 lights = 2nd place in class
  21. Ah cheers
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  24. anybody see the audi r10 add? very clever from them.
  25. Damn good quality!

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