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Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by numbers, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. You mean Seiji Ara? LOL, I don't think that was on him.
  2. too bad audi or aston didnt win. congrats to peugeot though.
  3. Congrats to Brabs! I'm happy my favorite driver finally got an overall win at Le Mans!!!
  4. The other RS Spyder ran very smoothly. So...
  5. Wow, all the makes I wanted to win did, I think that's the first time that's happened.
  6. Did you see the crash?
  7. It's good to see Audi de-throned, even though I like Audi more than Peugeot.
  8. Yeah.
  9. Hell yes!!! Congtars to Peugeot!!
  10. Was it the one where the car dove left suddenly while braking for the chicane? That looked more like a mechanical failure toe me.
  11. We don't know that yet.
  12. So why have you assumed it was the drivers fault?
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    From Autosport: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/76213

    Navi Team Goh driver Seiji Ara emerged unharmed from a high speed accident while running second in class at Le Mans. Ara skidded on oil in the braking area for the first chicane on the Mulsanne straight.

    "I had no chance," he said. "Two wheels hit the oil, which I hadn't seen, while braking."

    The impact tore all the corners off Ara's Porsche Spyder. The Lola which had dropped the oil limped back to the pits but caught fire in the pit lane.

    Even before Ara's accident, the Goh Porsche had already dropped out of the LMP2 lead battle due to a suspension problem. By contrast, Emmanuel Collard said his class winning Essex team had put in a faultless performance.

    "We turned fast and steady laps," he said. "Only once in the night was there an unscheduled stop, to replace some body parts."
  14. Spyker lol, finally they did well
  15. The Astons sucked
  16. First time it hasn't rained durring the race in a long time. The race was overall kind of boring. I wish it were closer. And I wanted Aston Martin to do better. Way too many cautions this yea also. I think next year will be better.
  17. Well done Peugeot!! I am thrilled that they have done it!!! :D
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    So oil had to do with it mostly.
  19. So he says. So a little bad luck, and a little bad driving.
  20. Do you think there will ever be footage of the big Peugeot crash?
  21. Finally Peugeot.
  22. After all the battle for first place was much more interesting in the historic race. It was so great how the Jaguar and the Ferrari fought each other.
  23. Anyway, I'm glad the other RS Spyder smashed the competition. :D
  24. Have any of you guys found good photo threads from people who visited Le Mans this year?
  25. No. A lot of the cameras on the track turn off overnight, when the crash happened.

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