200bhp is shite

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by plumber60, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. 200bhp from 2.0 litres aint no good this comes from the kings of hp per litre. The S2000 has a 2 litre engine which produces 250bhp without the aid of a turbo so why not do that in this little hatchback, it would fly!
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    Because then it would cost more, and the Civic is not an expensive car.
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    I'll love to see an AMERICAN company produce a 197bhp N/A car from a 2 litre, 4 cylinder engine!!!!
    All AMERICANS can do is make bloody big engined cars like 5-7 litre V8 engines which flop when compared to the likes of BMW!!!!
    I will also LOVE to see AMERICANS beat the BMW M3 engine!!!
    AMERICAN cars SUCK!!!!
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    NO BMW can even touch a Z06

    BMW uses a 302ci in the M5 thats bigger than a mustang V8. Also the LS1 5.7 V8 is more compact than the BMW 5.0L (302ci)

    so dont believe all the sterotypes

    The SVT focus has a 170hp 2.0L. NO its not as much as the civic R, this is only because the civic R runs a little higher compression, higher flow manifold, little things like that. Its not as though american car companies couldnt make a 197hp 2.0, they chose not to.

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    LOL LOL id LOVE to see anyone make a 5.7 liter 400 hp engine get 20 mpg in town and 30 on the highway, shut your Fuckin hole, what difference does displacement make when the engine weighs the same amount and gets the same kind of gas milage?
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    hey mr.gayBIG i mean gaBIG what kind of name is that did your mom name u that he he he go back to your rich little life and yes american cars could beat the living shit out of a bmw how bout the dodge viper venom800tt 8oo hp now that is a car that could beat bmw any day
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    Honda or any else car company with experience in racing/bike engines could easily extract over 300hp from a 2-litre engine. 600cc bikes push out 120hp stock, that's 200hp per litre. This is when the question of usability comes into play. A car weighs over 1000kg and to move it in normal road situations requires power in low-RPM also. Some people would falsely call this torque, actually it's just power low down in the rev-range.
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    It doesnt matter that imports get better hp/liter. We are very proud of having "bloody big engined cars like 5.7 litre V8s". Why? That means our cars put out MORE POWER, which translates to WE CAN KICK YOUR ASS ON THE STRIP. I dont give a shit how you get your power. Nobody ever got respect by loosing a race yet having better hp/litre than the car that beat it.
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    Lemme get something straight. The CIVIC TYPE R is not a DRAG car. It wouldn't matter about power in this car. One reason is because it will keep up with your Mustang GT on the race track (road coarse). The engine is actually a potent engine. Honda needed to replace the B-series with an engine that is more reliable, more power, and saves more gas. Their solution was I-Vtec. The car has so much hidden power within it. Honda's K20R is more capable than you think. An intake alone will give this car 13HP to the wheels. This car is one of the most important cars in import history. DONT HATE (not a honda guy, I just love all cars. That means domestics too!!!)
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    Even the cobra? Oh well, too bad for mustang.

    Why are you comparing race cars? I don't think they even run in the same class.

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