200mph steam car delayed

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    The British Steam Car Challenge project which aims to break 200mph has been delayed while engine installation is revised.

    The UK project, which expects to establish steam powered vehicle speed records on three continents in a vehicle called Inspiration, recently found problems with boiler efficiency. The solution has meant changes to the drivetrain packaging, and subsequently difficulties fitting the revised unit into the body.

    A revised installation is being developed that does not damage the aerodynamic performance of Inspiration or its power output.

    However, the project team is under time pressure - 2006 is the centennial anniversary of the current land speed record for a steam powered car held by Fred Marriott, established in 1906!

    Project Manager, Frank Swanston, said: Unfortunately, setbacks are inevitable with such a technically complex project as this. We are still working as hard as ever to complete the car this year and attempt the records."

    The concept for the car is an LPG-fuelled steam speedster that will use 500psi steam to drive the car's turbine, pulling over 0.5g during acceleration, and topping out over 200mph. The team hope to show that steam power (and its external combustion principles) is a viable alternative to internal combustion such as petrol and diesel.

    Details for the project at the website here: www.steamcar.co.uk
  2. Dobles are still more awesome. Greatest steam cars ever.
  3. well ya, only because they were the last steam cars made with any profit and with a number made... a few hit over 600,000 miles with only routine maintenence.
  4. I will make steam the future in automobile propulsion. Won't tell you how, but it will be done, and differently to any other way suggested so far.

    The British car industry will rise again...
  5. Any more info?
  6. delayed for ever
  7. delayed forever is rite thank you alcohl
  8. delayed forever is rite thank you alchol
  9. This thread sucks because noobs post in it.
  10. Awesome idea.
  11. Could be dangerous, since it would threaten already dwindling fresh water supplies.

    And don't tell me they'll just use salt water. They won't; they'll use whatever water's available to them. BR>
    Nice concept though <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. it's all right proving that this car can do this speed but i hope they don't want to prove steam is a viable alternative to the modern car especially with a fuel tank at 500psi. i dont think many people would feel safe with that as a minor bump could equal -kaboom
  13. If they knew we were sitting here playing monday morning wuarterback I'd bet they would really be feeling the pressure (wasn't that terrible?).
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  15. normal cars will turn hydrogen into water so that they can use the water for these.
  16. hahaha
  17. Awesome, but the tires are entirely too wide.

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