2010 Acura NSX test mule hits the 'Ring

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  1. HAy guys! Hay! It looks like a freaking S2000! WHY RUIN THE NSX NAME BY MAKIN G A MIDENGNED S2000 (you can tell its mid engined cuz its longer)
  2. remember that one BMW box thing?
  3. how do you know its mid engined? it might have a pool back there or 60" HD TV or something.
  4. Some interesting info on the registration plate... is down as a 5L... hehe.. cool.

    Looks to be Mid Engine for those who think its at the front...

    The vehicle details for OU07 EFX are:

    Date of Liability 01 05 2008
    Date of First Registration 15 05 2007
    Year of Manufacture 2007
    Cylinder Capacity (cc) 5000CC
    CO2 Emissions 0g/Km
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Export Marker Not Applicable
    Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
    Vehicle Colour SILVER
    Vehicle Type Approval
    The information contained on this page is correct at the time of enquiry.
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    update... more pics now taken on track...


    After an arduous day of preparation, Honda engineers have finally hit the race track in their mule for the next NSX. Seeing this prototype in the light of day reveals proportions consistent with Acura's Advanced Sports Car Concept, which debuted at the '07 North American International Auto show.

    The S2000-based body panels used on this mule don't exactly correspond to the show car, but it may tell us of the direction Acura is traveling with the next NSX.

    First of all, the stacked exhaust set-up on this mule looks similar to the placement on the concept. The mule's large central air-intake at the front suggests that the production NSX may veer away from the styling of the concept, which had a smoother nose with air-intakes mounted wide on the front bumper. Given the lukewarm reception given to the most recent NSX concept, the design transition from concept to production was expected to involve marked styling changes.

    The expansive hood on this mule definitely looks large enough to handle a V-8 or V-10 engine.
  6. lol @ the people commenting on the car's looks.

  7. I wish they would use the concept itself instead of just using an S2000-ish mule.
  8. I hope they atleast retain the low beltline of the old car. Can't tell much from this mule, any idea if it's mid or front engined. The front seems fairly long and the the middle seems suited too. Crossing fingers for mid engined.
  9. ... are you #$%#ing serious?
  10. I don't see any air intake inlets leading to the rear of the car, unless they made it invisible!
  11. I also don't see any FM Rads either...which means it should be mid-engined. Air inlets can always be taken from the bottom of the car...although not that great due to lower pressure

    Unlikely, but the air intake could always be inside the cockpit...gives access for data recorders...etc. It is a mule afterall.
  12. Look at the pictures it's pretty obvious it's a mid flat 12.
  13. no, its a front flat 16.
  14. ..and engine placement, lawl.
  15. in reference to the low "beltline" as you call it; you can pretty much guarantee that they won't keep it, due to more stringent safety laws nowadays compared to when the original NS(e)X came out.
  16. Looks like an S2000.
  17. STFU OMG!!@#
  18. What's the matter? Why not comment on it? The mule is using an elongated S2000 body...and it looks kinda cool. Though the people commenting on it in a serious matter of what it looks like from the mule...then yeah...I agree.
  19. Actually I don't... Pics?
  20. So, what do you guys think of how the mule looks?

    Keep in mind, the NSX was Honda's test mule before they decided to release IT.

    Keep your demeaning comments to yourself, we're trying to converse about a car, IN a car forum... think you have the ability to restrain yourself to such a degree?
  21. picard.jpeg 4 u
  22. hey, you never know! maybe theyre trying to enter the negro market
  23. LOL@Negros
  24. Im not commenting on the looks, Im commenting on the wrong engine placement.
  25. its the new hondai nsx pick up.

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