2010 Alfa Romeno 8C GTA

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  4. it will be slow as balls and fall apart. propably orgasmic looking though.
  5. no
  6. 100 in addition to the 500 normal ones? I'm looking forward to it.
  7. I hope they don't make it ricey looking
  8. they should make the most awesome supercar ever build in 2010 and make 100 of them. Not the 8C
  9. it already has 400 hp, and this version will be even more powerful, so slow it's something that cant be said about it.
  10. they should make it the same way that the old GTAs were compared to the new ones
  11. OK, it's "not as fast as it should be." How's that?
  12. The Top Gear video actually made me love the 8C.
  13. Opposite for me. Like the Scuderia, I quite liked it beforehand, but it looked pretty lacklustre on the show. In this case, I'd say it looks fantastic for a £60k car, but disappointing given that it's verging on baby supercar territory.

    Still, I should be seeing it in person on Tuesday at the London Motor Show, so I'll be able to make my mind up then. Assuming I don't get distracted by the Alfa girls...
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  15. Where's the 159 GTA?

  16. Where's the 159 GTA and when will Alfa return to DTM?
  17. Post pics of Alfa girls
  18. The Scud didnt do anything to me on Top Grear. I still dont care for it.

    But the noise of the 8C and how it was a little itchy to drive ...thats what i like in a car.

    Id love to have an 8C now..but yeah they are expensive.
  19. I loved the Stig drive in the rain..it was soo perfect. Btw, im sure its faster than an SL55.
  20. I could care less about how this car drives, it looks 20x better than the Ferrari California.
  21. *2000000000x*
    I've been passed by an 8C on the highway one day going to work. All cars seem f*$&ing nute next to it! I could hear it almost a mile away!!

    And who says it doesn't look good for supercar territory obviously has never seen one IRL...
  22. Yep, I changed my mind after seeing 8Cs in person.
  23. 1. STFU
    2. Buy one
    3. Post pics

    I get the impression that I'll prefer the look of the standard car.
  24. Could be the most desireable car in the world...
    Big power increase and weight savings are just a phone call on local charge away...

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