2010 Buick Lacrosse preview

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Apr 20, 2008.

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  2. I rather like it.
  3. Yeah same here. Everything looks great so far.
  4. if only the production version would look like that.
  6. Lol production version wont look like that. Old people dont mind. Kill Buick.
  8. Old hags need to stop buying Buicks.
  9. Looks good.
  10. Not sure where the passengers heads go, but looks good.
  11. It looks nice,but the backs says Lexus to me.
  12. Buick's back-end? More 5-series*ish
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    News straight from China... ROFL:


    "Beijing Auto Show 2008 LIVE: Buick Invicta Concept

    210408, Beijing Auto Show. "Buick unveiled it's new Invicta concept on the Beijing Motor Show, it's the second time Buick takes a concept first to china, showing the importance of the Chinese market for the brand.

    This concept however did not make that much of an impact, Chinese people were clearly not impressed. When I took my pictures it was standing almost alone. It seemed that Buick itself was not very proud of the Invicta either, it was tucked away in a far corner of the boot instead of standing proudly in the middle. When I got there a gentleman with a cheap blue hat started cleaning the car by taking the dust off.

    I wonder why he bothered because gathering dust is what this car will problably do soon. The engine is not impressive either, no V8 or V12 but a humble 4 cilinder with 250 hp and 298 nm. The Chinese make better concepts themselves these days.

    Hopefully Buick's next conceptcar is better, that'll problably be a hybrid."
  14. "The Chinese make better concepts themselves these days."

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  15. China strong.
  16. 250hp from a I4? Is it a turbo?
  17. This is excellent! The interior and exterior design is great. 100Xs better than what we have in NA and 70Xs better than the Buicks they have in China right now.

    In fact the Chinese Buicks are subpar in the design aspect. They're pretty bland looking, especially compared to this.

    Anyway, I see this looking pretty close to the concept in the production version, like the Camaro and Enclave. I doubt it will be a disgrace like the G6 was to the concept.
  18. That looks quite sexy. Too bad it's gonna be FWD. People don't like FWD luxury cars much anymore. I mean Acura is pretty much the only one pulling that one of anymore. Almost all the Audis I ever see have Quattro. If AWD is optional then I guess it's somewhat acceptable.

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