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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 84FordMan, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Funny, none of the people who voted no actually voiced their opinion in this thread.
  2. I voted no. But I do vote yes to Communista becoming a moderator.
  3. Why the hell would you vote no?
  4. the last 3 people have voted no. seems weird.

    Edit: with captin obvious thats 4 in a row.
  5. Obvious Choice.
  6. McMrrggghh
  7. communista being a moderator wouldnt change a thing. hes never here.
  8. He's here a decent amount.
  9. Wrong forum.
  10. You #$%#ers would rather have people who post hundreds of empty posts at a time on here.

    EDIT: Also, this guy has gotten a lot more chill/reasonable over the years. You guys are like a mindless bloodthirsty mob that's bored. Remember when he used to tell people that they were going to hell? Or FireRed's reign of terror? And the fact that Wheelman cyber-sexed her?
  11. I dont really see the need for a banning, but i want that smug #$%#er demoded
  12. So why do you think he's a good moderator?
  13. He keeps violating the guidelines when he is only a mod in the first place because he threw constant tantrums about the guidelines not being enforced.

    I also don't agree he has gotten more reasonable, he simply seems to have given up on his SCN preaching mission and decided to focus on chastising the wicked userbase by disrupting the forums as much as he can with his mod account.
  14. holy shit powder ranger is back
  15. You don't agree because you haven't been paying attention. I saw that he posted a videogame related link to another forum. Big #$%#ing deal. No one complains when someone posts a link to Superbars in a thread where that's completely off topic. I honestly haven't seen anything that's driving people off the deep end yet. I need other examples.
  16. he has become much more of a moron ect. Wake up to yourself; you are getting as bad as him with the delusions.
  17. Examples man. I'm serious, what am I missing out on?
  18. He keeps spamming it over and over again, no one would care if it was a one off thing. The only reason he is doing it is to derail threads as well. He has been asked repeatedly not to spam the game thread, he doesn't actually talk about games and just posts rubbish about the industry no one is remotely interested in.

    The first time he was asked to stop he went on a spamming run and copy pasted huge multi-page articles from years ago.

    If someone makes a m777 free game thread he just spams the one he's allowed to post in so that it always stays on the front page

    He has also been collecting PSN ids then spamming members via PSN mail.

    If he was just a normal member no one would care and mods would delete his spam when it gets out of control. He's not a normal member and he got his mod account by demanding the guidelines be heavily enforced.

  19. Back when The first m777 free game thread came out he was spamming the other one. He was the only one to post in it for about 3-4 pages. Later someone asked why he kept posting useless shit to himself. He said it was his dream come true. Shouldn't a mod want to promote threads and the forums in general, not spam the **** out of a thread only he is posting in?
  20. He also went mental when pierog was banned and threatened to ban anyone who mentioned it in the game thread yet his offtopic spam is completely fine.
  21. Yeah, man. Looking back at my old posts...I was such an immature little shit hahah. I've been lurking a little bit but decided to chime in in this thread. Mc777 is fUcking annoying.
  22. If someone makes a post not relevant to your interests, but related to the thread itself, don't you ordinarily skip over it? I'll admit 3-4 pages of only him posting is funny, though I've never seen it. Sometimes users like 944turbo or $pitfire would post 3-4 pages of nothing but empty posts, and people would beg for them to be unbanned practically. Harka as well.

    The fact that he doesn't post in the thread that he's banned from (childish) bothers you as well? Really?

    Has anyone told him to they don't want to receive mail from him on the PSN and received it anyways?

    The fact is, some of you guys are no different than him. You want to cry about the "guidelines" not being enforced when it suits you, and turn a blind eye when it doesn't.
  23. Haha, CHECKMATE!
  24. His posts are rarely related to the thread and are little more than thinly disguised adds for neogaf and other sites hes obsessed with. If he wanted to talk about or promote a game he would link to reviews/previews instead of the ramblings of some awful game forums he's obsessed with. The problem is he is violating the guidelines he doesn't like but demands members be banned for ones that suit him.

    Did most of us harass the owner until various mods were run off the site and then demand to be a mod? No.

    Are 944turbo, harka and $pitfire moderators? No.

    The issue here is he is doing the same thing he used as excuse to get other member banned and demoded.

    Why should he be allowed to violate the guidelines when he demands others be demoded and banned permanently? He became a moderator because he claimed turning a blind eye to any of the guidelines was unacceptable.

    You're arguing as if he's just a normal member.

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