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  1. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    MS IS back

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  3. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread


    I wonder if Piquet Jr is going to find a seat for next year?

  4. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread



    New teams/Part 1/4


    Turun Sanomat 9.12 2009 21:35:04

    Formula 1 -racing will have four new teams next season. Lotus, Virgin Racing (Manor), Campos and USF1 are still only names. TS will introduce in this miniserie these new entrepreneurs. Lotus will be first because it's glorius name is an heritage from back in the years.

    Lotus grew from Litespeed

    When the small and unknown Litespeed-team that had raced in Britain's F3-serie announced that it had applied for a place in F1 for season 2010 nobody took it seriously.

    How can the young engineers from F3-team with poor results earn their spurs on F1-level?

    Even when the team announced that it had nominated the experienced Mike Gascoyne as the technical manager they didn't get anyone assured. It was generally believed that the fisty British engineer known as the ’’Rottweiler’’ only gave his name for the team to use in exchange for a pile of pounds.

    When the starting position was like this, nobody was surprised when FIA didn't accept Litespeed's application. But the twist was going on stronger than ever behind the scenes.

    Litespeed got the funding they badly needed by selling 49 % of the team to AirAsia -aviation company's owner Tony Fernandes. When this Malaysian tycoon took things under his control things started happening.

    The Malaysian government was immediately in on the project and brought Proton into the picture. Thanks to Proton the team got the rights to use the name Lotus. Proton had bought this famous brand in 1994 when Team Lotus withdrew from the F1-tracks.

    In the F1-world consisting of cynics and traditional people the recycling of the name Lotus F1 Team awakened resistance and after that even astonishment when FIA accepted them as the 13th team after BMW Sauber refused to sign the new Concorde agreement which is the constitution of F1-sport.

    Many people thought that how dare those Malaysians pretend that they are the famous Lotus-team? But they have the right to the Lotus-name - and it was sufficient for FIA.

    Fernandes is filled with ideas

    Then who is this Tony Fernandes who is the team principal? He is one of the most clever and reformist businessmen from the southeastern Asia. He has concentrated his energy on making Lotus a competitive racing team as fast as possible. He has in his target to influence both the Malaysian industry along with the future of Lotus Cars -cars.

    Fernandes invested the initial capital himself but found quickly partners who guaranteed the third of all and all 60 million euros of the first F1-season's budget.

    – This offers Malaysia a brilliant opportunity to take a firm place on the F1-map and also help the Lotus Cars -cars to return to the top of the sales list. We are especially happy for Malaysia's government and their One Malaysia -campaign, which is the reason why our company's official name is 1Malaysia Formula One Team. In F1 we will drive under the name Lotus F1.

    – I have met Hazel Chapman and her son Clive and got their approval to use the company's name Colin Chapman founded. They suggested that we would celebrate in next year's opening race the 490th Grand Prix race of Lotus, Fernandes tells.

    How much Malaysian is there in this company?

    – You would probably be surprised if you knew how much technology from Malaysia can be used in F1-cars. We build certain parts in our own factory near Sepang's track and we will send our own engineers to England so they can get more education. We hope that within the next 3-4 years we are ready to build the whole car in Malaysia. Of course the team's headquarter will remain in Norfolk, England, Fernandes clears up.

    Fernandes will concentrate on the financial matters while Mike Gascoyne took the racing matters on his responsibility in June. Because there was so little time Gascoyne has used shortcuts to ensure that everything is ready in March.

    – We got a lot of support from FIA even after the original application was turned down in June. We have steadily focused on the design of the first car. I know a lot of F1-personnel who are about to lose their jobs because of the financial cuts but because they aren't the best in their profession, we arent that interested in hiring them. Because of this it will take the people we want about 3-6 months to get out of their contracts before they can come to Lotus in January-February. When thinking about the designing of the car it's too late, Gascoyne says.

    Because of this reason Gascoyne turned to the new company in Germany who employs 30 ex-engineers from Toyota. The British wizard knew them from before while working as Toyota's technical manager.

    – This group led by me has designed our first car and it has been tested in a windtunnel my good friend Jean-Claude Migeotin owns. We have been working very hard and at the same time I've been recruiting about 225 persons to the team from the market and they will be employed by us right from the beginning of the next season.

    Gascoyne was in the endseason's races a very popular guy to chat with when tens of engineers who were about to become unemployed wanted to meet him. According to information Turun Sanomat has, several people from Renault, Toyota and Jordan are now going to Lotus. They have all been working for him before.

    Experience makes up for the short time of testing

    Gascoyne is also responsible for the driver choices.

    – We wanted a very experienced driver to our first car - some veteran like Jarno Trulli or Nick Heidfeld. The reason for this is that the time for testing is so short and that's why we need a driver who can quickly show us in what direction the car should be taken.

    – For the other car we are looking for a driver who has at least a couple of year's experience from GP-racing because the amount of tests would hurt a newbie in the beginning of his F1-career. At first my list was very long - there was Nakajima, Sato, Davidson, Glock, Kovalainen and Klien, only to mention some of them. When our cars can be tested only in the midst of February we didn't have any huge rush to make our choice.

    Lotus will get engines and gearboxes from Cosworth just like all the new teams.

    – I didn't expect much from Cosworth but according to data information, they have built an engine we should be able to fight against last season's small teams with. Our goal is to be the best new team but also to beat Toro Rosso and Force India every now and then, Gascoyne listed.

    Lotus-drivers in 2010: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen, hearse driver Fairuz Fauzy.

    Turun Sanomat



    New teams/Part 2/4


    Turun Sanomat 19.12 2009 19:56:42

    The most surprising choice in the FIA entry list was Manor Motorsport. In fact nobody had even mentioned the F3-team led by John Booth as a possible candidate to step into F1-circles. Booth himself never even mentioned that he was having plans like this in his mind.

    After the crowd recovered from the surprise they started to look into the matter and then they discovered that Booth's Manor-team was just a pawn of other ambitious and strong lobbies. Everything that surfaced wasn't that pleasant to hear so that's why this new team has many enemies on the paddock even before the first race has taken place.

    John Booth himself is not the head of the venture but he will continue in his former position as the team's sporting director in F1 also.

    Wirth is returning with Mosley's support

    The real power behind Manor, which changed into Virgin Racing, is Nick Wirth, a man who founded his Simtek-team in the 90's with Max Mosley's support and brought it in F1 for the year 1994. Wirth worked well as a team principal in a very unlucky team where Roland Ratzenberger died during Imola qualification in their car. Simtek went bancrupt when season 1995 was only six races old.

    Somehow Wirth managed to shuttle himself back to F1 when Benetton hired him unexpectedly as head designer in 1996. Despite Gerhard Berger's sensational victory in 1997 Hockenheim, Wirth was shelved before he left for good in 1999.

    Wirth who is known as Mosley's close friend saw now the new regulations and especially the promised low budget cap offering the perfect starting points for him to return to F1. His company Wirth Research had already for some time been working for FIA and Renault had used Wirth's simulator when setting up the car as well and the company also provided the driving experience for drivers because Enstone's factory didn't have anything similar to use themself.

    This way Wirth gained enough data information so that he could start designing a F1-car without having to start from scratch.

    Three different teams inside Virgin

    Booth and Wirth met only six months ago.

    – I thought that the new rules offered me a good opportunity and after talking to Nick we were both quickly assured of our chances. I think that he is just the right person to run the technical division and that way I can focus on leading the team in which I'm good at, Booth cleares.

    The men decided to keep their own organisations apart. Booth limited his racing team to 50 people.

    – We will go to races with that amount. Wirth Research's group will dedicate to the F1-project and be responsible for both the design- and the development work. The marketing department will become a third independent team that is operating in London, Booth tells.

    Behind the scenes, a man known as Mosley's right hand, Alan Donnelly, was in charge of the sponsor-aspect through his own company Sovereign Strategy. It's a public secret that Donnelly combined the paths of Manor and Virgin Group. Virgin didn't only become the sponsor in name, it also became the owner.

    Naturally Donnelly's action created grudge but FIA closed their ears from the criticism after accepting Manor as one of the three new F1-teams. The team's name was recently changed officially into Virgin Racing.

    Richard Branson had been lured for a longer time to become a F1-sponsor. Last spring he was quickly assured of the prospects by supporting Brawn GP when Jenson Button won six races out of seven in the beginning. Branson wanted more and he wanted to control the whole operation. Ross Brawn again was not willing to let Branson steer his team.

    At that point Donnelly came up with his suggestions that Virgin would go as Manor's main sponsor. The endresult was a quick marriage even though the official announcement was made in the beginning of November when the contract with Brawn expired.

    The drivers who made a contract with Virgin (Timo Glock, Lucas di Grassi and test drivers Alvaro Parente and Luiz Razia) negotiated straightly with Virgin Galactic's CEO Alex Tain and not with Booth. Many driver candidates did still contact Booth who afterall found to his Formula Renault- and F3-teams supernames like Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica.

    No windtunnel at all

    When a couple teams have closed their doors and others are reducing personnel Wirth hasn't had troubles getting skillful people hired to the technical department. Benetton's and Renault's longtime test manager Christian Silk is going to run the technical department on the track and he brought with him his own trusted men.

    Wirth himself is building his car in a completely unique way. Virgin Racing is the first F1-team in 20 years which hasn't used a windtunnel at all. Yes, you read it correctly. Wirth Research is a company in the front row of CFD (computerised fluid dynamics) -technology that bases it's design on technology. The VR01 -car is created on a computer because they got good results from the sport cars' ALMS-program.

    The work is done completely on a computer and the car is coming to the track without visiting the windtunnel even once. Because of this many suspect that this project will go badly wrong. On the other hand the curiosity has lately silenced the jugdemental statements. If Wirth can make it then he will open up completely new tracks when it comes to designing a F1-car.

    Just like all the other new teams Virgin has to use Cosworth's engine which hardly will improve their competitiveness.

    Turun Sanomat



    New teams/Part 3/4


    Turun Sanomat 2.1 2010 12:41:42

    When Fernando Alonso eight years ago cruised on the F1-stage the Grand Prix -races weren't anymore a sport that the great audience found odd. On the contrary: F1 became one of the most followed sport-genre in the country.

    Spaniards worship top-sport where their own heroes succeed. Spain found in a similar way tennis after Manuel Santana won the French Open in 1961 or rally when Carlos Sainz become a star in the 80's.

    The real Spanish F1-fever started in 2003 when Alonso began to win races with Renault.

    Therefore it wasn't any big bang -surprise when two Spanish teams applied FIA for a place in the WC-serie. Joan Villadelprat's Epsilon Euskadi applied, Adrian Campos, who had sold his Campos Grand Prix -team's shares to Alejandro Agagi, applied and combining forces with Meta 1 -company's marketing experts.

    The surprise was that Campos was chosen instead of Villadelprat. Villadelprat could show that they had a new factory capable of building a F1-car and also a contract with Renault for engines, transmissions and electronics.

    Campos Meta cut in when they accepted Cosworth's engine deal. This connection-deal that was presented to all new teams is still under investigation in EU:s racing commission.

    Withdrawal is still a threath

    Campos Meta's participation in next year's WC-serie is still short of the final seal. Money talks and if they don't get the budget-department to work better Campos might still have to withdraw.

    Adrian Campos' ambition to found his own F1-team is not based on some sudden impulse. After he took his own helmet off when his Minardi-career ended, this man from Valencia founded his own racing team to the Fortuna by Nissan -class and one of his youngest discoveries was who else than Fernando Alonso. Campos was Alonso's manager until Flavio Briatore bought his contract rights to himself. With this money Campos founded together with Agagi and the former Prime Minister in Spain Jose Maria Aznar their own Campos Grand Prix -team and went to the GP2-serie.

    Yet Agagi made alliances with Briatore and they claimed the Campos-team quickly. That's when the Spaniard launched a new team and took it with his son to Spain's F3-tracks.

    This small team was the foundation for the new F1-team that starts in the WC-serie in 2010.

    – F1 has been our target all the time and when FIA presented plans about a team-project that is built upon cost savings we thought that the time was right. It was just too late to design a factory of our own where the car could have been designed and built. That's why I turned to Giampaolo Dallara and made a contract with him, Campos explains.

    Dallara demands payments in advance

    Ever since March 80 persons in Dallara's factory in Italy have concentrated on designing Campos F1-car. For Dallara this is familiar business. The factory designed and built in 1970 De Tommaso -car for Frank Williams. In 1988-92 Scuderia Italia again used Dallara's cars in F1. Nowadays Dallara has been in co-operation with Honda and Midland even though neither one of the cars made it to the GP's.

    Yet Dallara didn't lose his touch for F1-technology. Dallara is a man who doesn't work unless he is paid in advance. Therefore Campos has financed the project partly and the union with Meta wll bring the rest of the money. Meta is a manager- and marketing-company who steers along with some young Spanish drivers Spain's most famous basketball-player Pau Gasol's NBA-career.

    Finding sponsors from Spain has been difficult though and for this reason Campos hired Ferrari's former Finance Manager Danielle Audetto, an Italian who has seen everything, to be in charge of the finance-department.

    – Our financial situation isn't the best possible because the regulations were changed after our application was accepted. We were looking for a place with the idea that we could be competitive with a budget cap of 33 million euros but then the figures went up to 44 million euros until it was completely thrown out of the window. We found ourselves in a situation where we will race with teams who spend 150 million euros per season, Campos complains.

    Therefore the sponsor who had promised to sponsor Campos got nervous when then regulations where tampered with like that and was about to leave alltogether. The new negotiations settled the situation.

    – Our sponsors have agreed to continue but it's clear that we can't be very competitive in 2010. The sceneries look better for 2011-12 when everybody's budgets should be smaller, Campos thinks.

    Marketing with Senna's name

    Even though money is tight they have got some reinforcements. Minardi's former Technical Manager Gabrielle Tredozi and Robert Kubica's former race engineer Antonio Cuquerella are Campos-men who are now running the factory's 80 engineers and mechanics. They will get 40 persons more before the season.

    Their head quarters is near Murcia and it is supported by the local government after Valencia turned the cold shoulder on their own son. Bernie Ecclestone himself, encouraged by Audetto, has given his nominal support.

    Due to the lack of a big sponsor the budget is built upon driver choices. Bruno Senna has been confirmed as the second driver for Campos. Apart from the Brazilian financers the most important reason for Campos to choose Senna is their goal to widely market their team with Senna's famous surname.

    Pastor Maldonado from Venezuela is seriously reaching for the second seat and he could bring with him a support package of over 15 million euros. It's clear that the driver offering most money also gets the seat.

    Turun Sanomat



    New teams/Part 4/4


    Turun Sanomat 3.1 2010 11:13:40

    Even before FIA wanted 13 teams to race in 2010 - or rather Max Moxley tried to send away all the car manufacturer -teams so he could replace them with private teams that he could better control - one completely new entrepreneur had already applied. This team was Team US F1.

    The American team is veteran engineer Ken Anderson's and his longstanding friend Pete Windsor's poduct of mind. Windsor knows the F1-world from both sides of the fence after working for a long time in different racing teams and later on as a reporter.

    The plan was skillfully kept as a secret because ever since 2006 Anderson and Windsor had been trying to find sponsors for their project and they had told only a handful of people about their plans. The news became public in 2008 when Anderson showed up at the Canada GP paddock. At that time they had been scheduling an engine-contract with Honda and were planning on coming to F1 already in 2009.

    Honda's withdrawal and the lack of supporters forced them to prolong the project with one year.

    Last January a presentation was arranged in Silicon Valley and meeting several potential sponsors gave wind under their wings and that's when both Anderson and Windsor got so much confidence that they announced in February 24th during Speed tv's show that they have founded the USF1-team.

    Why did it take three years to get the start capital?

    – I have to confess that it was quite easy to find people who were interested in financing and managing the whole team but we didn't want that. We wanted to manage the team ourself, Peter and I. Therefore the business plan was to find sponsors from different trades who could cash in shares but so that we would have the majority. This way we can manage the team the way we see is best, Anderson explains.

    Although it isn't confirmed, Anderson's goal has been to find at least five big sponsors who would bring 25 million dollars to the project. With this sum they got started and by using these connections they try to ensure a sufficient sponsor-package for season 2010. One of these sponsors is Chad Hurley, the founder of You Tube. Even though he has never been interested in motorsport, he has a lot of money and connections that help opening doors to sponsor-negotiations.

    In Charlotte and Spain

    Then why is USF1:s head quarter on the other side of the F1-world in Charlotte, USA?

    – If we strive to be an American F1-team then we also have to operate in USA. Apart from that we have the best motorsport-related technology at our hands in Charlotte. Many traditional F1-teams have their own subsuppliers in the same area. From where we stand it's much more cheaper to operate in Charlotte. The technology is near and easy to access.

    – Of course we also need a base in Europe where we can store and service our cars between tests and races. We are pleased with the possibilities Aragon's new track offers and it's easy to find personnel who want to work in Spain, Anderson said.

    What about the personnel? Bad tongues claim that the recruitment didn't go according to the plans?

    – 40 persons have worked shiftless on our car in the designing-department. We didn't need more people in the first stage. Why should the mechanics be in the factory without doing anything? Once we start to produce parts we will get more personnel. Many have promised to come to work for us and we will hire more personnel when we go to the first tests. Also many of these people are waiting to get free of their previous contracts from their earlier team, Anderson tells.

    All and all Anderson is expecting to manage 120 persons out of which 30 work in Spain and the rest in Charlotte.

    Not a whisper about year 2010's budget.

    – FOTA:s goals and FIA:s presentations aim to lower the general budgets so that they will be on the level we planned but to be honest it doesn't affect us, Andersson says.

    According to American sources Team USF1 builds it's operation on a 60 million euro sponsor-package. Not one cent is coming through the Concorde-agreement before year 2013. Up until then names like You Tube and Best Buy are the vital umbilical cord that they still are afraid of being cut when no contract has so far been officially signed.

    – Unless the main sponsor has no objections we are going to paint our car blue because it's USA's color in motorsport, Andersson reveals.

    Not one single driver

    The driver-aspect has been kept completely open.

    – Our number one wish is that an American driver would get the superlicense for next season but we haven't yet found a suitable candidate.

    – We have also been in talks with experienced veterans like Pedro de la Rosa and Alex Wurz but the driver market is heated and we have been widely contacted. Our plan is to hire a reasonably experienced driver number one and take alongside him a younger guy who will develop during the upcoming years.

    What can we expect from your debut season?

    – We learn all the time and I believe that we have hired so experienced persons that we can come up with a reasonable performance. It's good to have a couple of other new teams too so that we all have a good meter. We want to be the number one of the newbies, Anderson sums up.

    All new teams use the same Cosworth-engine.

    Turun Sanomat

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    2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Does anyone here play the F1 Prediction game F1 Tipping?
    I've done it the last few seasons and it does make watching the qualifying and races more fun with something on the line. If you havent played or want to check it out here is a link.

    I'm on Team-Drivers-Network if your wanting to join a league. It gives you extra bonus points if your with one.


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    2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Cool, i'll probably register for this
  7. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    did nick heidfeld retire?
  8. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    He has no seat yet
  9. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

  10. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    From F1.com:

    Heidfeld: Hopes of 2010 drive remain strong

    Former BMW Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld has endured a tough few months following the conclusion of the 2009 championship and, after BMW’s subsequent withdrawal from the sport, remains without a confirmed drive for the coming season.

    Perhaps the biggest blow for Heidfeld came in the days leading up to Christmas when Mercedes announced their 2010 line-up. After weeks of being touted as a potential candidate for the drive alongside Nico Rosberg at the rebadged Brawn squad, he learned he had been passed over in favour of the returning Michael Schumacher. The German, however, remains upbeat.

    “Of course over the holidays my current career situation did not leave me, especially after Schumacher’s decision was published shortly before Christmas,” Heidfeld explained on his official website. “It is definitely a big thing for Formula One and I wish Michael and Mercedes a lot of luck. The decision affects me directly as it means there are fewer relevant places for me next year.”

    Despite his disappointment, the 32 year-old is still hopeful of securing a seat. And after spells at five different teams during his ten-year career, and a current tally of 219 points and 12 podium finishes, he is determined to find a team that can offer him a lasting place in the sport.

    “We must now look forward and focus on the best long-term option for my future in Formula One,” he concluded. “I will continue to train hard, have conversations with the appropriate people and challenge for a chance as best as I can. I hope to be able to announce some concrete future plans in the coming weeks.”

    One advantage for Heidfeld is that there are still plenty of vacancies to be filled, with Renault and Toro Rosso yet to confirm who will pair up with Robert Kubica and Sebastien Buemi respectively. The four new squads joining the grid have also boosted the number of available posts, with the Campos and US teams still to announce their complete line-ups.
  11. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Alonso out in Ferrari gear for the first time and Ferrari 2010 contender leaked


    F1: Preview
    Ferrari 2010 under the X-rays
    Now with 240 litres of fuel.
    Wheelbase extended by 15 cm to accommodate more fuel. At the front, Red-Bull style Horn structure.
    Like its predecessor the F60, it retains the mirrors built into the side air flaps.

    1. This is how the 2010 Ferrari will look. At the car launch the front and rear wings will be the same as on the F60. The new ones will only be added at the first tests in Valencia on 1-3rd February.
    2. The chassis will be taller than the F60 and will have red-bull style “horns” mounted on the upper section.
    3. Due to the narrowing of the rear tyres and the raising of the chassis, aerodynamic flaps will appear on the underside of the car, attached under the monocoque.
    4. The mirrors attached to the side air flaps will remain on the Ferrari 2010 just infront of the side pods.
    5. The radiators will be longer compared to the F60 to accommodate the larger fuel tanks.
    6. The fuel tank will be much larger with a capacity of up to 240 litres compared to 100-120 last year.
    7. The exhaust pipes will be moved slightly toward the rear
    8. The suspension arms will be raised slightly to allow for easier air flow to the rear, helping the new double diffuser.
    9. The placing of the oil reserve tank inside the gear box system represents biggest change for 2010.
    10. The air extractors at the rear with a triple central channel will follow the path made by red bull at the end of 2009
    11. The deformable structure at the rear of the car will function as an integral part of the aero.

    The oil reserve tank changes place.

    The necessity to gain space to minimize the lengthening of the wheelbase prevents the oil reserve tank from being placed centrally in the car, embedded between the engine and the monocoque (as shown by the picture which shows the inside of the F60). This solution had been proposed in 1998 by Stewart designer Alan Jenkins and by John Barnard, technical director of Arrows. Afterwards it was introduced on all of the cars. Now the teams are making a leap back 12 years with the oil tank which returns to its old position inside the gear box, a choice not optimal for the “lining” of the axles or weight reduction but has come about due to the necessity to separate the oil reserve tank from the fuel tank which will have to be larger in size.

    Giorgio Piola:

    It will be the come-back Ferrari. The weapon honed from all the way back in mid-2009 to allow Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa to fight once again for the title. A car which marks the signal of a new beginning and a new cycle, to demonstrate that at Maranello a page has been turned after the slip up that was the F60. The 2010 red car is also the first one designed not to have to stop for fuel at any point in the race, and this technical term has influenced its design more than anything.

    Change. After a huge technical revolution in 2009, F1 has once again shuffled the cards, hopefully though without the interpretations of loopholes. The cars in 2010 will have a larger fuel tank and as a result, a longer wheelbase. (something like 15cm longer). Every component has been honed in line with this change from weight distribution to aerodynamics to suspension and brakes.

    Overweight. No more extreme designs then. Just one important fact: when the lights go out the difference in weight to the F60 considering being full of 240 litres of fuel will be more than 185kg. In addition the FIA has increased the minimum weight from 605kg to 620kg. Obviously the ride height will vary notably during the race, as the fuel tank gradually empties the suspension and aero will have to be studied in depth to reduce the effect of these variations. However the driver will also play a determining role in managing brakes and tyres.

    Inspiration. Returning to the new Ferrari. Beyond its shape, we have tried to capture all of its inspirational concepts in an image. At maranello they started from the base of the F60 but all the while with an eye on Red Bull, the most advanced car of 2009. Infact already from the German GP, a chassis with the shape of the RB5 was tested with the horn shape on the upper section of the nose to guarantee a nose higher off the ground and therefore more supported by air flow on the lower side. On the front assembly there will be many changes although at the unveiling, the front and rear wings will still be 2009 spec. The minimum width of the rear tyres and the banning of wheel covers have radically changed how wind-tunnel testing is carried out, emphasizing the importance of the channel of air between tyres and the chassis with the adding of aero ad-ons on the lower part of the nose section.

    Compact. At maranello the size of the fuel tank has been extended, moving the oil tank to between the engine and gearbox. A great step backwards. Much work also has been carried out on the rear section to produce a more compact and tighter gear box, despite the resulting additional mess. The rear section will be very short with exhausts and suspension brackets which allow for the construction of a sophisticated diffuser like that of Red Bull.
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  16. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Bumped mother#$%#er
  17. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    so what exactly happened between when "there would be no F1 in 2010" and now?
  18. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    ATTN: Lucky Strike -- Rich and I are still working on getting the picture delete feature added back in.

    So for now nobody can delete individual images. Sorry.
  19. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

  20. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

  21. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Ask him to fix the PM system
  22. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    I did and it's already in progress. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  23. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Ferrari's 2010 livery?
  24. 2010 F1 Teams, Drivers & Tracks thread

    Looks so. The front... uh... wheel hubs are gone, but are rears still allowed? Also, Alonso in a Ferrari...

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