2010 Ford Taurus unveiled

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    Its almost as good looking as the Mondeo.

    When Alan Mulally took over as CEO of Ford, one of the first things he did was rename the Five Hundred full-size sedan Taurus, to take advantage of the nameplate’s strong mindshare. The second thing he did was order a complete redesign of the car. Mulally promised the 2010 Taurus would be “the one we should have made originally.” Today, the automaker finally took the wraps off the new model.

    Ford will reposition the Taurus to become more of a personal luxury sedan, the likes of which have not been seen wearing a Ford badge in many, many years. Ford has decided to combine elements of its “Bold American” and European “Kinetic” design language for the 2010 model.

    The new Taurus is powered by the automaker’s 3.5-liter V6 Duratec engine, mated to one of two available six-speed automatic transmissions, including SelectShift with shift paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. As was the case with the previous model, all-wheel-drive is optional.

    The V6 motor delivers an estimated 263 horsepower and 249 foot-pounds of torque. It earns a ULEV-II emissions certification and comes paired with a choice of two new six-speed automatic transmissions. Initially, the car will be offered in SE and SEL trim levels. Ford says it plans to offer a performance-oriented EcoBoost model, with an announcement regarding availability coming soon.

    Critically, the new 2010 Taurus will start at $25,995 – the same price as 2009 model.

    “Lightning can strike twice,” said Peter Horbury, Ford’s North American design director. “Like the 1986 original, the new 2010 Taurus differentiates by combining style with substance.”

    Taurus features a long list of high-tech features, including: Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning, Intelligent Access with Push Button Start, MyKey parental programmability, Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert, Rain-Sensing Wipers, EasyFuel capless refueling, Ford SYNC and Voice-Activated Navigation with SIRIUS Travel Link.

    Ford will not offer a Mercury Sable version of the Taurus for the first time since 1986 (not including the brief period when it was renamed Montego to go along with the Five Hundred).

  2. thats pretty gross
  3. Now, you see.

    It's not too bad, but it's a clear case of, the Camry is a really good selling car, so lets make it look like it.

    Oh and they couldn't have made the interior look much worse really.
  4. No comment.
  5. i really like the back end. man those wheels though, lol.
  6. Those wheels are a bit meh, but the rest of the car is nice.
  7. lol @ Acura TL headlamps / SAAB

    #$%#ing piece of shit
  8. its a good car overall but please change those wheels.
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  10. Acura TL called, he wants his headlights back
  11. STFU about the headlights. They look fine.
  13. stop backing up the Taurus, its a POS and always been. Start having taste already.
  14. Who cares what the headlight look like they came off of, they look fine on this car too. SO STFU. This car looks decent for a large/midsize family sedan. It's perfectly decent compared to a Camry/Accord/Sonata/Malibu/Altima/Galant/Sebring/6. If Ford's recent models are anything to go by, it should be pretty well built as well. It may not give you a boner, but nothing in this class will.
  15. this one isnt. This is why the US automakers struggle. not because they cant make a good car, but because people dont even give the good cars they make a chance to succeed. Eventually this will come back to bite people in the ass when these cars are selling and other brands are wondering WTF happened.

  16. Also, the original Taurus was pretty innovative/good when it came out in 1986. Ford just lost the plot with gens III-V
  17. I'm not a fan of the lincoln style rear end and the way its styled into the car. Considering its a Taurus, it looks decent. This will sell good.
  18. I quite like the looks of this
  19. I totally dig that Interceptor rear
  20. coming from the taurus history, this is great. looks good imo, like the back 3rd of the car the most. front looks mazdainfluenced but ok as well.
  22. I kind of like.
  23. All that PA$$ION!

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