2010 Hummer H3T Alpha

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ajzahn, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I wish GM would go and actually build their original H3 concept instead of just making and selling these modified colorados. Sure they perform better offroad than a Canyon, but come on!
  2. First hummer Id ever have on my wish list. Too bad it'll cost as much as a 3/4 ton ford 4x4 with a diesel.
  3. The colorado doesnt have a V8.
  4. thats pretty damn ugly
  5. do people actually buy these?
  6. only in America
  7. That I like.
  8. stop raping the hummer name
  9. I dont like it at all.
    Reminds me of a Explorer Sport Track.
    I think the SUT is so much better than that thing.
  10. If the Alpha sold for $33grand I would throw down a deposit today.
  11. Remember, back in the day, when hummer stood for the baddest ass vehicle with 4 wheels ever.
  12. When Schwarznegger bought one...
  13. Quite correct, but the article states that it has standard the 5 cylinder and also that it is based off that platform. The original H3C was... how to describe. Best comparison is that like a street version a desert trophy truck in terms of stance. Small, but turbo motor and independent 4 wheel still, and an open top. Kinda hard to describe it, but it did look mean.
  14. H3s are for #%$gots.
  15. no joke. i know i guy whos got a bright yellow one with the plate "SCORPIO". ill get a pic next time
  16. Here is the 2012 H4
  17. Different trucks designed to do two completely different things. One is for towing/hauling, one is for off-road. I'd like to see the Ford take on some of the obstacles that this Hummer did in the article.
  18. How is it doing that?
  19. Epic fail
  20. The F250 FX4 is no slouch at off-roading either, a couple of selectible lockers and installation would run about $2500 and that would kill any advantage the H3 would have save for size and weight. They make that H3 sound like its a replacment for a fully linked, locked and caged jeep. lol.
  21. Good point. I just don't see why there is all this #%[email protected] Hummer brand is about off-road which this this is more than capable of doing. I don't see how that is giving Hummer a bad name.
  22. The main thing is that front locking diff, it makes a world of difference on an IFS truck. With the optional locking diff this trucks more capable then the regular H3 or H2, any other being sold today save for the ram power wagon. Lockers are really what makes or breaks factory effort 4x4s, just dont know how that colorado IFS is gonna hold up when you have a wheel in the air. Im guessing broken tie rods galore.
  23. hummer is the best
  24. I actually like the exterior. Normal H3 doesn't do it for me though. Interior is normal GM Shit quality.

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