2010 Jaguar XJ spy shots

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    Jaguar is working on a new generation XJ sedan. It is assumed that the car will premiere in early 2010. The machine already runs a road test.

    New car is equipped with new aluminum chassis and an automatic transmission in the six speeds. Under the hood topmark versions XJ determine pyatilitrovy charged V8. Also on the market appear modified engines volume of 4.2 litre V8 and V6.

    Outwardly 2010 Jaguar XJ concept recalls C-XF, submitted last year. Judging by the prototype sedan will receive a dual system of production and aggressive front portion. In promise crashed roof hatch, and most radiator grill and marker lamps made in the style of Bentley Continental GT.


    Dont ask me what "pyatilitrovy" is. I dunno what country this website is from.
  2. I saw one of those when traveling back to AZ from California last week. Might of been something a bit different but it was the same body style(had the chrome side vents, like the Portfolio) and it also had the nasty camoflage on the front.
  3. the good old XJ design finally to return?
  4. Jaguar needs Bangle asap
  5. Is that a corvette tire in your av?
  6. I'm sure it'll have the new 5.0L V8 and not the 4.2.
  7. Looks like the hood isn't all the way close.
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    If ppl actually took notice to the shadows the rim gives off then they wouldn't say viper/zr1 given the amount of spokes and their arrangement, yah im #$%#ng hardcore.
  10. I thought they were going to drastically restyle the XJ to look like the XF? The XF is totally meh in pics, but it looked ok IRL. That said I wouldn't #$%# with the basic XJ design. I think just another evolutionary redesign would work. Hell the current chassis is even so good/light it could just be a jump like the XJ40 to X300, aka sheet metal and interior.
  11. This mule could easily be just testing an engine in which case the body its wrapped or any other visual queue is off no importance.

    What is important when they come to styling the next car is that they break away from the Ford group. The XF is a fine car but there are far to many similarities with its sister cars, Mondeo, Volvo and Mazda 6.
  12. Very possible, if not probable.

    I still say they need to go evolutionary, not revolutionary. The thing is that there are a certain number of Jaguar fans out there who will snap up a new XJ without a doubt when it comes out. It's not a huge number, but if they plan to not make 27.9393 million of them their bottom line could still work out. If they make a drastic redesign and it doesn't "steal" enough BMW and MB buyers then the company is basically done. I think they need to keep chugging away on the powertrain/other amenities and just do some subtle modernizing on the exterior again. If they want to harken back to some older jaguar designs, and have a more gaudy frill they should take some cues from the Series I XJ6 for the front grill... Big and chrome could look awesome if done right. Like a baby Bentley!
  13. It will have a totally redesigned XFish body. And going evolutionary has killed their sales over the past 20+ years which is why they've decided to start anew. I'm as big a Jag fan as anyone here, but they would not survive had they continued the retro themed styling.
  14. i just want it to look money.
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  16. I know their sales aren't great with what they've been doing, all I'm saying is that it's dangerous to change your bread and butter. The XJ isn't retro at all. It basically has the same basic lines and 4 headlights, but it's a totally modern car. Aside from the MKI Jags Series I-III they've changed them a decent amount from gen to gen. All I'm saying is that a radical departure from the traditional XJ could either help them a ton or bury them, whereas keeping it and planning for low volume won't bury them. IMO they need a real 3/A4/C Class competitor more than they need a good large sedan. No one sells that many large sedans, but small cars sell by the bajillions.

    Buuut it seems like they're gonna do it, so lets just hope it looks good!
  17. The current XJ is 100% retro...

    It more or less looks the same as an XJ did 30 years ago, it's got the same massive plank of walnut on the dash, and yes, it's classicly Jaguar. But classicly Jaguar doesn't sell anymore, so they've decided to take another avenue, and its working well for them. Sure the car is technically very advanced and modern, but it still looks like it's from the 1970s. I don't think it looks bad, not at all, but it's just time for a change. The XJ is their flagship, so it HAS to embody the new face and philosphy of Jaguar, regardless of how many they actually sell.
  18. You've got to remember that Jaguar has traditionally been known for innovative designs - this is the company whose greatest car is the E-type, which even 47 years later still stands out from everything else. The company's sole supercar is one of the most attractive ever made, and was determinedly modern. It's been the ownership by Ford, and to a lesser extent British Leyland, that's created this retro theme which very much goes against the company's nature. In my opinion the XF didn't take the departure *far enough*.
  20. Are you retarded? Its OBVIOUSLY a Veyron rear wheel! It's from the high-speed test Volswagen did on the Black Rock Desert two years ago, with that lovely pearl-white paintjob! AND you take a good look at the thread, you'll see it's a Michelin Pilot Sport SP2, which none of the above has standard.

    About the Jaguar, an XF-ish design is obviously what we'll get but hope they alter that rear end. It's agressive but too confusing. Needs to be cleaned up.
  21. it's OBVIOUSLY from a 200mph FIERO
  22. I can agree with that. Hopefully there's a bit more stylistic drama with the new XJ.
  23. Yeah, it's a rear wheel/tire off the the pear white and blue car that was at Pebble Beach in 2005. It was then used for customer drives and whored out all over the states the following year...
  24. It's no more retro than BMWs that have had the kidney bean grille for 6000 years. I suppose they do kind of have to do it. I just hope it looks good and sells good. Like I said, if they don't steal away enough BMW/Audi/MB buyers methinks it'll flop because a radical departure will probably lose a lot of their traditional customer base.

    I hope the new XJ tanks the current ones resale extra good. I'd love me an aluminum bodied XJR. I mean it's a full sized car that weighs the same as a 3 series!
  25. I LOL everytime you americans talk about "full-size cars"!

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