2011 Bentley Continental GT spy shots

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    A week from today, Bentley will take the wraps off the refreshed and restyled Continental GT ahead of its public debut at the Paris Motor Show, and like other automakers trying to cut through the auto show cruft, Bentley is leveraging the power of the Interwebs to make the unveiling a unique experience.

    Beginning at 10 AM EST on Tuesday, September 7, Bentley will host a continuous, week-long online showcase of the GT, allowing visitors to ContinentalGT.com to take virtual tours in and around the new coupe, in addition to viewing a traditional "unveiling."

    To bone up before the big day, check out out gallery of spy shots below and check out Bentley's previously released teaser video and presser after the jump.
  2. The BCGT never did anything for me.
  3. Looks better than the older one IMO.
  4. there's something strange about its proportions
  6. better looking
  7. I bet you maxi pad would like this. Only seats outside an american boat that can fit his chunky bum.
  8. Looks a bit soggy front and rear.
  9. I've loved the CGT ever since the preproduction cars.
  10. What the hell has a porsche got to do with this monstrosity?
  11. shutup, there both beetels
  12. Oh, I thought the Mulsanne (sp?) marked the end of Bentley caring how their cars look.
  13. I wouldn't mind going on a roadtrip in one of these
  14. What's the difference?
  15. in the bentley community they also call it the CGT

    just like calling a camaro or nissan/datsun a "z car"

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