2011 GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept

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    Ford's Raptor is the undisputed king of production off-road truck awesomeness, but it may soon have a challenger, previewed here with the GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept. Bigger, diesel-powered, and suitably brutish, the All Terrain HD is at this point, "strictly a concept," however.

    According to Lisa Hutchinson, GMC product marketing director, the truck isn't aimed at Baja-style high-speed duty like the Raptor, but rather towing and hauling in harsh offroad environments--it's still a Sierra HD, but with a dirtier side. That's still an impressive mix for a 397-horsepower, 765 pound-foot turbodiesel V-8 capable of towing 13,000 pounds and carrying 2,700 pounds in its bed.

    The All Terrain HD is able to do all of this thanks to added off-road features including a wider 73-inch track, three more inches of ground clearance, custom suspension control arms, remote-reservoir Fox off-road shocks, electronic front stabilizer bar disconnect, full composite underbody protection, and 35-inch-tall BF Goodrich MK2 mud tires on 20-inch aluminum wheels.

    As noted earlier, though, you shouldn't get your hopes up: you won't likely be buying one of these, ever. "Although it is strictly a concept, it is a pretty realistic one," said Hutchinson.

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  2. Looks ok, The Raptor is better looking though, and Ford didn't take any government money. They ain't owned by Obama and the Democrats. Government Motors lol

    BTW Post a Goddamn pic you ignorant hilbilly
  3. Start posting pics in your threads or be banned

    You have been warned

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    As for the truck, the Sierra is just nasty and I can't see it taking many sales from Ford. Might catch some chevy suckers.
  17. were called supercar messiahs becasue we are the experts on the forums. jealous much? maybe if you had better taste in cars you wouldnt be called such a noob. the yellow toyota in your avatar is so gay
  18. i agree, but i think thats teh new hondai coupe geniusis or something
  19. i like that its a diesel
    ill have to have both i guess
  20. NO you fool, that's obviosuly Italian. Got to be a FIAT.
  21. if it's italian it can also be an alpha rovera or an austin martin.
  22. Its a mid-engine Corvette.
  23. lol retard corvette engine in front

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