2011 Mustang GT gets 412hp

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  1. In the days of the digital age information security has to be taken very seriously – unfortunately for Ford someone with a Facebook account didn’t take the embargo very seriously. A confirmed leak has occurred, exposing the already heavily-rumored return of the 5.0-liter V8 to the Mustang line starting next year.

    The number leaked suggests 412 horsepower for the mid-level variant of Ford’s Pony car, up from 315 hp in the current Mustang GT. The substantial increase in power was anticipated due to the recent release by Ford of their new V6 Mustang numbers – a near-GT boost to 305 hp, and an impressive 30 miles per gallon to go along with it.

    The rest of the muscle car segment already features a 400+ horsepower option, with the Camaro SS weighing in at 422 hp from their 6.2-liter V8, and the Dodge Challenger’s 6.1-liter Hemi with 425 hp.

    The 2011 Mustang GT will be in the same neighborhood in power as its current counterparts, but with a several-hundred pound weight advantage, expect the Mustang to become the new leader of the pack.

    Type: 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT V-8
    Manufacturing location: TBA
    Configuration: Aluminum block and heads
    Intake manifold: Composite shell-welded with runner pack
    Exhaust manifold: Stainless steel tubular headers
    Redline: 7,000 rpm (est.)
    Valvetrain: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, variable intake, variable camshaft timing
    Valve diameter/lift (mm) Intake: 37/12; Exhaust: 31/11
    Pistons: Cast aluminum
    Connecting rods: Forged steel
    Ignition: High-energy coil-on-plug
    Bore x stroke: 3.63 in x 3.65 in/92.2 mm x 92.7 mm
    Displacement: 302 cu. in./4,951 cc
    Compression ratio: 11.0:1 (est.)
    Engine control system: PCM
    Horsepower: 412 @ 6,500 rpm (est.)
    Horsepower per liter: 82.4
    Torque: 390 lb.-ft. @ 4,250 rpm (est.)
    Recommended fuel: 91 octane (unleaded 87 octane minimum)
    Fuel capacity: 16 gallons
    Fuel delivery: Sequential mechanical returnless
    Oil capacity: 8 quarts with filter (10,000-mile service interval)
  2. DAMN that's awesome!
  3. This is just crazy. 400hp belonged to Porsches and Ferraris 10 years ago. Now a Mustang GT has more than 400hp
  4. 300hp used to be Cobra/SS/WS6 territory too, and now its on the V6.
  5. How much will the 2011 GT weigh?
  6. Hopefully about the same or less than the current GT.
  7. How about a dual clutch gearbox? A fancy diff? Less weight? Where's the innovation? I'm suprised they didn't go back to pushrods with the new engine.
  8. You say that like it'd be a bad thing.

    To Joe American, the Mustang is an affordable sporty car, and to the enthusiast it's in a niche market of traditionalists and drag racers. Neither of those are a bad thing, just not your style. Get over it.
  9. Go buy a GT-R.
  10. Seriously......

    Great news btw, wish i had the cash because this car looks promising. Id pick one up in a heartbeat if i could. Come on lottery!
  11. This is why American car manufacturers are failures. They need to start embracing new technologies. If I wanted a classic muscle car with a heavy gearchange, low revs and old fashion suspension, I'd buy a classic muscle car.
  12. Ford is hardly a failure. In fact it's doing better then its Japanese rivals.
  13. This may have just become my next car if I go new. Its now a very attractive package being naturally aspirated etc.

  14. Next year Ford will officially start to sell the Mustang in Brazil, and I cannot believe the prices. Brazilians always get #$%#ed in the ass with so many taxes, but amazingly the GT500 with a 500 hp V8 will cost less than a BMW 325i. That's amazing.
  15. Autoweek reporting that it makes 390lb-ft of torque with 6-spd AT and MT. Can't wait to see what this can do with the track pack.
  16. The Mustang is not the only car Ford sells, and if I recall, posted the largest profit of any manufacturer American or otherwise last quarter.
  17. who cares about more hp, fix the interior / handling first.
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  19. want it in white
  21. oh god, shut up.
  22. 412hp? meh
  23. people dont buy them for the interior and handling though.

    And they actually handle quite well. Theyve got that live axle (as bad a design as it is) extremely well tuned.

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