2011 Mustang GT gets 412hp

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Put that engine in a FFR 33 Roadster.
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  5. goddamn youstop
  6. Probably better mileage though.
  7. hopefully
  8. seriously. it's too much now.

    my 996 C2 has less than 300hp. I'm never going to race anyone at a light and this just ensures it lol.
  9. thought it had 320
  10. I think 930 turbos had 300hp too.
  11. they do, and theyre lighter.

    not much in the way of throttle response though. The gas only has the position of "off" and "FUUUUUUUUU"
  12. BUT IT"S MORE HIGH TECHS!!! IT HAZ DOHC WHICH MAKES IT BETTER. Or something. Plus they're making money.
  13. I remember being a total badass because I had 300+hp with my Formula back in high school...
  14. The first time I accelerated in one I nearly shat myself. It also was modified some, but I'm sure the experience is similar.
  15. Its true OHV is lighter / has a lower centre of gravity, but they also have higher frictional/inertial losses. Given the image Ford is trying to make itself with a greener America and this and that, my suspicion is that the GT will have exceptional economy (for its power), and that means no pushrods.
  16. I hope you're trolling...
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    I'm just saying

    An American car cleaning up against some of the best from Italy, Germany and Japan

    and just saying about this too

    you are a moron for taking the Shelby and judging other cars by it.

    And im glad Ford did this, competition improves everything.
  18. That would make perfect sense... If it weren't for the fact that the LS V8s get better fuel economy than OHC engines that are anything close to comparable. I'm no engineer so I don't know why, but the LS engines have always got better economy(especially when taking power into account) than pretty much anything else on the market.

    We'll see. As I said before, the better Ford does the more it will make GM hustle. Plus, since my dad has always been a Ford guy, I'm not opposed to jumping ship back to Ford if they're kicking enough ass.
  19. It's an all-else-equal thing, this. And not much else happens to be equal. Aerodynamics are huge, weight is huge, and so on. One thing that helps the GM smallblock is that people like to cite highway and forget about city in these debates; the huge engine (and frankly, there are next to no naturally aspirated engines of near the same size to compare) makes for good use of the overdrive gear, and not so much in the city. Nevertheless, an NA OHC engine of the same displacement and power, and of the same quality in design and construction, if crowbared into the Camaro would produce better numbers than an LS3. Its just that you'll never see that happen.

    There are plenty of strong points on the side of pushrod engines, and there's no reason for GM to move away from them. But there are some mutually exclusive strong points to OHC as well, and there's no reason for Ford to move away from them either.
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  22. "people like to cite highway and forget about city in these debates"

    That isn't true. It's true that the Corvette's hwy mileage is more impressive than its city mileage but its hwy mileage is so high that its combined mileage is also high. The comparison to the S2000 was common in these forums. Although the S2000 got better city mileage, it averaged out to be equal to the Corvette's mileage for city and hwy combined, despite the fact that the Corvette is heavier and much quicker.

    You're right when you say that "all else" is never equal. DOHC engines have a theoretical advantage, but until recently, the Corvette had been beating anything of equal weight and quickness.
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    Not bad at all considering the Camaro SS weighs 3900 lbs, and the Challenger SRT-8 is 4140 lbs.

    Plus this Mustang GT will be a lot cheaper.

    The Mustang would definately be my choice especially looking at price, and it looks pretty good too.

    The one in this video is truely hot.
  24. A sexy engine too! Very nice.
  25. Well, as MPG pointed out all else equal rarely exists in the real world! I understood that perhaps there is a theoretical advantage, but it still hasn't panned out to much and I doubt the Stang will blow it out of the water or anything. You're not taking into account the million variations in technology that is or isn't used on a given engine with a given basic layout. OHC might be theoretically better... But with many of the GM engines (not most of their real high performance variants though) DOD helps, and tons of other minor odds and ends help. Same with the Stang or other OHC engines. Then you throw gears, weight, aero ETC on top of all that... It's up in the air design by design, not OHC vs. OHV. Overall package, for the time being, I'd stick LS.

    Also, I would like to say that their city economy isn't bad either. Their highway is more impressive, but their city is still pretty awesome given their power.

    Also you say there aren't really any NA big engines to compare it to... Fair enough... But who cares? Theoretically FI have an advantage anyway, and no matter what you stack them against, real world, they perform amazingly well for their power. FI6, NA8, FI8... Doesn't matter, they do well.

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