2011 Mustang GT vs. 2010 BMW M3

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  1. yes, but a lot cheaper if you know the right place.
  3. I find the musclecar approach more appealing at the moment. And with the money difference there are many speed mods that could suit that V8 perfectly.
  4. a 3 series coupe is not a small car.

    ask pandabeat.
  5. Like springs and sway bars and shit
  6. hmmmm a good car or something that's just fast.
  7. Mustang GT, because I don't want all of my extra money going on a car payment and the Mustang would excite me enough. It has now reached a good level of desireability due to that one really refreshing update. This Mustang is under rated and puts down close to 400 horsepower at the tires and sounds so good.

    New best bang for the $$ and looks nice too.

  8. This + supacharger
  10. 2011 Mustang GT no doubt. I mean BMW is a kind of hybrid vehicle it combines the capabilities of a sports car into a sedan but if you look at a broader perspective. It is what it is; a sedan. On the other hand the Mustang GT is an penultimate sports machine designed to thrill. So if you are going for a sports car why compromise. Get a true one in your garage.
  11. the m3 is NOT a sedan.
  12. ....................
  13. new bmws are gay

    should be e46 vs new mustang
  14. lol at the m3 not being a sportcar
  15. Lame comparison IMO.
  16. I'd take the Boss 302 over the M3.

    I'd take the M3 over the GT
  18. So much failure in this post.
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    What is so incomplete about the Mustand GT? It does just what it is supposed to. Maybe instead, its time the M3 gave more performance for the high dollars.
  20. Other GT-R. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  21. I'd say the performance difference would shine through in the corners...
  22. Just because the Mustang GT does what it is supposed to do doesn't make it a complete car. There are other aspects like interior quality, handling finesse, etc, which the M3 does better. Along with the premium nameplate, you can't just expect BMW to offer this kind of refinement for free.
  23. It doesn't change the fact that a showroom stock Mustang GT is now about twice as desireable than ever before. The fact that magazines can even compare it to the current M3 in a performance shootout says a lot more about the new GT than it does the BMW.

    Its not like the GT is a crappy car inside and out next to an M3 either. I don't see what is so bad about this interior.

    The M3 is a great car but youve got to hand it to Ford for being able to put out a good sportscar like this at such a low price.

  24. Is it a fact that a Mustang GT is about twice as desireable than before? I don't think so. That's an opinion.

    Since when has the M3 been about objective performance only? The original M3 was not that much faster than a 5.0 (if at all), yet it too cost twice as much as the Ford.

    I never said the GT is a crappy car inside and out compared to the M3. I said the M3 has higher quality materials, a generally higher level of fit and finish. I didn't say anything about the design of the interior; I quite like the Mustang's retro look. But now that you bring it up, the large slabs of plastic on the doors and around the sterero and ventilation controls look cheap.

    The Mustang is a performance bargain. When you look at the rest of the car, get in and feel it, you can see why. If all you're after is performance/$, then a brand new Mustang GT is a pretty poor choice anyway.

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