2011 Mustang GT vs. 2010 BMW M3

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  1. My head exploded.
  2. I think the simple fact that a longtime class leading respected car like the M3 is being compared to a Ford mustang is all that needs to be said really. For a long time the mantra was that America cant make a car that goes around a corner and now the Mustang is keeping up with BMWs latest performance coupe with a live rear axle. It all comes down to preference at this point and I think thats the point of the videos. European cars are no longer "the obvious choice" when it comes to performance. On top of that, the new mustang is ridiculously good looking. The camaro, as good as it is, just cannot compete with it.
    Also, Ive poked around the interiors of BMWs and Mercedes before. I dont see a huge difference in quality of materials. THe main difference seems to be better leather and more electronic features in the Euros, but the materials are still plastic, wood and leather. Its not a gigantic difference anymore.
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    lol at taking a mustang over a m3.
  4. 5.0 for me
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  6. guys, when u will stop arguing with guibo, i know him for loooong time and he alwyes back his arguments with facts and figures, and he knows what he is talking about (unlike 99% of the members in this site)
  7. But should the Mustang have been a class leader all along? It was one of the best "Sportscar" you had to give us.

    The interiors are different and I can still notice a difference between the two regarding quality. It does look like they are finally looking at European interiors and taking note.

    A lap time on a smooth Race track does not mean everything. How about a road test where steering feel, ride quality and chassis balance are more pronounced due to undulations, bumps, changing surfaces and cambers. That is where the Mustangs primitive rear suspensive will show up.

    Oh and before the "#$%# you Eurotash" comments, I like the Mustang.
  9. the Mustang was never designed to be anything more than a between the lights boulevard cruiser. They had trackday Mustangs with IRS for that purpose before. NOow you can get a Mustang more catered to European tastes stock. Before this there wasnt so much demand for the Mustang to be more than it was.
  10. He still has a point. This test doesn't tell how the Mustang behaves on real-world roads, which I'm pretty sure the M3 (particularly with its electronic dampers) would excel at. It only tells how objectively fast the two cars are on a racetrack (where these cars spend, what, maybe 0.1% of their time, if that) and states fairly clearly that the M3 has a clear edge in subjective polish.

    The commentary by Randy Pobst and the editors said the Mustang leans more, dives more, and has poorer suspension control that they *think* might be due to dampers. That begs the question: If the Mustang crew have been testing the Mustang so much on twisty tracks (and they have recently), could this damper problem be related to the live axle setup itself? There's a good chance that if the Mustang were dialed up to the roll stiffness of the M3, then the live axle shortcoming would come through loud and clear; it should be more skittish.
    The M3 doesn't seem to have that problem, and of course that doesn't come free. BTW, the M3 was on the lower-spec of the two available tires (ContiSport Contact 3 vs PS2's).
  11. Mustangs new engine is awesome, and the upgraged chassis is great. Its probably no M3 in terms of dynamics by far. Still relatively great value and fun.

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