2011 Pontiac Trans Am revealed

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ajzahn, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Check past quarter's sales figures before posting plz.
  4. i was mad too when they phased these cars out, along with Olds and the Eldorado, but come on. GM is definetly getting ahead of itself-the statistics show their market share is levelling out, but this sort of excess can wait for the years immediately before GM's next crisis. besides, one two-door coupe of limited market appeal per division is plenty, in my opinion.
  5. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the front.
  6. new Mustang.
  7. That looks amazing
  9. barftastic.
  10. Haha.
  11. Idk i think it looks nice. the rear end is pretty blah tho. change that and im happy
  12. GM should die if they're going to make the next Tran-Am the late 70's retro look.
  13. All of the rednecks and such who don't have any money (you know, can't actually but a new car) love it though.
  14. the current Mustang has been going strong for 3 yrs. the PT Cruiser has been around for awhile. more than 1-2 years, i can tell u that. Delorean DMC 12 has lasted since 1983 (yes, there's a privately owned company still building DMC 12's 'till this day by 1983 specs).
  16. Retro is getting kind of anoying.
  17. Rednecks will love it.
  18. We got the first two times.
  19. if they make a pontiac version of the camaro it'll be a gto not a firebird/trans am.
  20. Could u please name the company that still makes Delorean's?? I may be interested in a buy, unless they think they can sell there car for like 50,000 or something.
  21. looks great.
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    actually they sell for pretty cheap.


    i believe DMC Texas is the one who sells brand new Deloreans.
  23. explanation? i thought the firebird and camaro ran off the same platform traditionally.
  24. It reminds me of the DB9 more for some reason.

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