2011 Summer Transfer Window (Football Thread)

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  1. Who has your team signed, and who's on your wish list?
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  3. bought so far:

    - theo jansen
    - thulani serero
    - mat rits
    - kolbeinn sigthorsson


    - tobias hysen
    - santiago garcia
    - joris mathijsen
    - armando vajushi
    - roy beerens

    yeah we have a limited budget lol
  4. Bayern are going to be busy, and have been busy already,

    We signed Manuel Neuer, Rafinha and Nils Petersen
    We let go of Miroslav Klose, Hamit Altintop, Andreas Ottl and Thomas Kraft.

    We're trying to sign Arturo Vidal, Jerome Boateng and Takashi Usami....

    I really hope we get Boateng from Man city, and Vidal wouldn't be bad. I don't know much about Usami but I know hes young and he could be good. The asians are doing well in the big Euro's the last few years.

    If we sign at least Boateng I would be happy. Our defense needs a lot of help. I'd also like to see a winger midfield player to help out if Ribery or Robben goes down, but I suppose Pranjic, Kroos, Muller or Vidal if he comes could do that.

    I'm glad the board is being busy, last year was devastating to watch.
  5. -Henderson went to Liverpool

    -Arsenal could lose Fabregas and Nasri. Arsenal however are bidding for lille striker Gervinho

    -Chelsea want Neymar and Lukaku and Kaka (ever though I think Kaka is going Inter Milan)

    -Tottenham's manager Redkhapp says his top players Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, and Sandro are NOT for sale. Tottenham are also interested in Joe Cole which doesn't make since bc he is shit.

    -Real Madrid players Kaka and Higuain ar
  6. sorry about above post but I ment to say Real Madrid players Kaka and Higuain are more than likely out.

    -Barcelona annouced that they have a $45 million budget to play with this summer

    -Barcelona striker Bojan wants to leave.
  7. I was also reading that Besiktas is interested in Bendtner. Tuesday it'll be announced if Hiddink goes to Chelsea, by the way.
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  9. Also, something completely different. Nwankwo Kanu announced he quits playing football.
  10. where is he playing now? such a great footballer.
  11. Portsmouth

    can someone confirm it's indeed true they still have only 13 players under contract there (including Kanu)?
  12. i'd believe that. they got proper conned by their new owners, the players weren't even getting paid!
  13. Ashley Young is getting closer to signing with Man United according to rumors
  14. ashley is a girls name.
  15. Is pele still alive where does he play
  17. Toronto FC just signed Maradonna, all the Ronaldos, Luca Pagliuca, Remi Galliard and a few more Nigerian prospects.

  18. lol Remi Galliard. is he going to drive around the pitch on a go kart throwing bananas at people?
  20. C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui!

    mon dieu!
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    Porto signed this guy Iturbe :

    Hopefully we won't sell anyone important this summer, however there have been talks about transfering Fernando (DMF) to Juventus, also there are talks about Falcao but I don't really think that those are true - unless Arsenal sells Fabregas and dish out the money to Porto
  22. Febregas claims he wants to stay with Arse
    Or so I read on Arshavins' fan-fb

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