2012 BMW 6 Series Coupe

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    Press Release: The hearts of sports car aficionados will beat a little faster with the arrival of the new BMW 650i Coupe. The third generation of the top-class Coupe sees BMW adding another chapter to its decades-long tradition in the production of exclusive dream cars. The new BMW 650i Coupe impresses with its stunning design and inspires with even sharper driving dynamics than its predecessor, noticeably optimized comfort levels and extra space. This is the only car in the segment to offer the combination of top-class sporting ability, exclusive touring comfort and a 16.24 cu. ft (460-liter) DIN luggage compartment. Also on board to deliver the BMW 6 Series Coupe signature driving experience are a range of innovative driver assistance systems and BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment features. The new car therefore meets the highest expectations of driving pleasure and style in a large, premium 2+2-seater. The 650i Coupe arrives in US showrooms this fall.

    Read more and more pics here: http://www.bmwblog.com/2011/03/12/world-premiere-2012-bmw-6-series-coupe/
  2. i like it. so much better than the previous 6 series.
  3. personally neither is beatiful still the old one is more boss, so i'd take it, but i have to see this thing irl
  4. yeah the old one is best.
  5. Seriously bleh....

    While Germany sure can engineer a good car, nearly all of the German carmakers have forgotten how to make a pretty one...
  6. I'll have to see one irl to judge the new looks.
  7. To be fair, even the Italian ones have.
  8. there are some good looking german cars. audi a5, bmw 3 series coupe, mercedes e-class, audi r8, mercedes cls(the previous one, new one looks like shit yeah)
  9. I don't find any of those designs particularly interesting, save for the R8. I'd say the A5, 3 Series and E-Class are all typical German Stoic design. The CLS is the most out-there of the bunch and the previous one was a pretty decent looking car. The new one is definitely shitty looking though.
  10. Ugh, old one was much prettier
  11. Soooo much better than the previous one.

    BMW is going back into making BMWs that look like BMWs.

  12. nice user name @#$GOT
  14. Looks a bit like older BMWs, im kinda surprised by the looks, had expected a more aggresive looking car instead.
  15. Those silly LEDs make it look like a botox patient
  17. i want bmws to get boxier, but still be aerodynamic

    thankyou bmw
  18. Hello Kettle
  20. ugh....bmw's just keep looking more boring.
  21. don't make me get myself banned again
  22. Or you could just STFU.
  23. I hope you delete yourself.
  24. One step closer to the 8-series

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