2012 BMW M5 The Brilliant One is Back

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    From the release of concept model in the Shanghai motor show itself, the new variant M5 stolen the eyes of most of the car lovers and therefore BMW do some more updations on the same, as reports from US says. The Beverian Motor Works revealed their concept model in the Shanghai and the production breed in Frankfurt after a few months.

    As the pre-released notes from the company say the test drives too proves that there is improved green concepts including less emission, an overall improvement with considerable decrease in weight by the use of carbon-fiber and aluminium. A single test-drive lead reviewers to report ‘it is brilliant’, as the brand said in the advertisements.

    The BMW reported before the launch that the reflection model to be selected was M X6 and this is apt when does comparison. Both heavy high profile sprinters share almost same inner organs, but there is a bit delivery difference in the case of power.

    Specifically 4.4 liter engine with V8 and twin turbo delivers 555HP in X6 while 578HP in M5, slight but reveals the packing compaction of the engine and much impressive, reports centers. The sports cum business vehicle is switch ready in a single button touch. The name sprinter is no more a mere prefix but as test drives make out the car will get into 0-60 in 4.4 seconds.

    With dynamicity controls to alter performance, the new car got slip differential pretty new option from the German which will be electronic in all ways. The top speed label of 155 mph too is in change with the implementation of M Driver package it boosts up to 188 mph.

    Not only is the mechanical formula but also there changes in the view too in both exterior and interior. The figures show the puffy tires, biz-sport suiting dimensions with dynamic lines and air regulatory shape, new knobs etc. As always the BMW interior is much luxurious and comfortable. Quality leather, all the toys of X6 and 7 mounted to look like a big play station, awesome seating with good stitching and good softness. The seats will maintain you stick with it not only by the engine performance but also by the comfortness and proud to fix perfectly in it, says reports.

    Sayings from the auto-show visitors were that the concept model stolen their mind not only because of the cool silvery frozen looks but also by the stiffness they had ever experienced. And so the Frankfurt one was with so much excitement of roaring of people who are crazy with the car and the expectation were came alive as always the brand do.

    The all-wheel drive will be available in more exterior models including the color variations and combinations of colors, with more technical features, says officials in a press meet in USA. Long ago before the unleash of the model, the BMW revealed the teaser and was one of the most viewed in Youtube.

    Your wait to own one will not continue beyond September, says the official website.

  2. Sweet engrish press release.
  3. ugly wheels, other than that it's a nice facelift.
  4. lol where is that website based?
  5. It's a new car, no?
  6. 578hp....oh my.....
  7. Hopefully there will be other wheel options.
  8. Article written by Gong Gong Qi Che
  9. The Brilliant One is Back
  11. of course, but for the showcase they could have worked a little bit harder/better/stronger
  12. Fugly. As usual.
  13. i want to know what the real one looks like. the concept pics are quite old. looks great though.
  14. Compared to what?
  15. To 90% of the other cars on the road today. It's just bland and uninspired. Worse-looking than the previous one...
  16. Well, that's a lot of cars. I guess naming 5 better looking cars in its class should be no problem then?
  18. Of course!

    Jaguar XF
    Audi A5
    Aston Martin Rapide
    Mercedes-Benz CLS
    Lancia Thesis (I had to add this!)
  19. Hmmm need to see it live before judgement.
  20. Lol, the Thesis looks retarded and the current CLS is seriously ugly. Not a fan of the front of the XF either.

    The 4 door A5 isn't that special not good looking.
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  22. looks good, comes with a manual as well +1
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  24. Which doesn't mean the 5-series looks better than any of those.

    The Thesis has a magnificent design, STFU.

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