2012 Chevy Malibu teaser

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    General Motors says it will officially debut its 2012 Chevrolet Malibu next month at the Shanghai Motor Show with a simultaneous debut on its Facebook page. The global debut, about 48 hours ahead of its North American unveiling at the New York International Auto Show, shows GM’s intentions to expand its lineup across the globe.

    released a short video with some reasonably detailed illustrations of the new car that give us the strongest hints yet about its design. Narrated by designer Dan Gifford, the video shows us that GM drew heavily on its heritage for the new four-door sedan.

    We were treated to a sneak peak of Chevrolet’s upcoming 2012 Malibu more than a year ago, but GM has remained mum about its plans for the next generation of its bread-and butter sedan. Now, however, a report suggests that Chevrolet will drop the low-volume V6 currently offered in the Malibu in favor of a Hyundai Sonata-inspired four-cylinder-only lineup.

    Hyundai became the first mainstream automaker to drop V6 power from its midsize sedan lineup when it launched the 2011 Sonata earlier this year. The midsize family sedan market has seen V6s go from being the default choice for most buyers to an extravagantextra rarely selected by consumers.

    According to GM Inside News, the 2012 Malibu will drop its V6 in favor of at least two four-cylinders one naturally aspirated unit and one turbocharged offering. GM is developing a new family of four-cylinder engines, although its unclear if the 2.5-liter variant will be ready in time for the Malibus late 2011 release.

    Judging from the latest spy shots and the video, the 2012 Malibu will retain many of the design cues of the current car, although it will be moving to GMs Epsilon II platform. The front headlights appear to have a jeweled look, not unlike the treatment seen on the 2011 Buick Regal. Chevrolets signature cross-bar grille, however, remains front and center.

    The rear of the Malibu also appears to be in line for an update, with the taillights receiving a Camaro-like treatment.

    It’s been reported that the Malibu will shrink a bit in its next iteration, but the extent of that downsizing remains unknown. The current Malibu rides on a 112.3 inch wheelbase and it seems likely that the Malibu will adopt either the Buick LaCrosses 111.7 inch wheelbase or the Regals shorter 107.8 inch wheelbase, although the former seems more likely. Both the LaCrosse and Regal ride on versions of GMs Epsilon II platform.

    GM will also likely continue to offer a larger midsize sedan to replace the aging Impala.

    Well have more details on April 18, when GM officially unveils the new Malibu.

    Look for sales to begin late this summer in North America€and, apparently, China, where the Malibu will displace the Chevrolet Cruze as Chevys biggest offering.

  2. nice gumpert
  3. April fools
  4. hmm a turbo 4. So it will be similar to the Sonata lineup. Not a bad idea mpg-wise. I'll stick with my V6 though.
  5. how bout a 2012 Impala...please...or none, thats ok too.
  6. You stole my words.
  7. what an exciting car to april fool us about
  8. Chebby Maliboo.
  9. Seems like a bad strategy though given their customer base. I think GM deserves a better rap than they get... But there are a lot of "AMERICA FVCK YEA!" types that buy them just because, and they like V6s. Some customers would refuse to even try a 4 cylinder just because they don't like them (read didn't like them 30 years ago).

    On the flip side, I bet a large amount of the reason for this is because of the stupid new MPG standards set by "the man". So they probably all but have to.
  10. its just a malibu
  11. I think it'll work fine. The people who didn't like 4 cylinders 30 years ago are now either dead, or moved into a different class of car, and are thus irrelevant.

    That's usually the reason for this, and #%[email protected] about the regs all you like, but if you want to be able to afford to drive, you should be thankful. The era of cheap gas has passed. Since horsepower doesn't seem to have suffered for it yet, there's really no reason to complain.
  13. the kind of news V8stangman might care about.
  14. I work on GMs in a very #$%# yeah state and can tell you 90% of the malibus people bring in have an Ecotec
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  16. I dont like the ebrake
  17. I like that it has one and not some stupid push-button or extra pedal.
  18. Agreed. I just dont like the way they designed it.
  19. Um the new interior isnt as good as the current

    they went backwards!
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  21. They seem to be borrowing some mojo from the new Camaro, which looks great outside but is a functional disaster inside.
  22. The current Malibu is a nice car.
  23. It's getting a bit dated.
  24. Worst looking parking brake ever.
  25. what the #$%#

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