2012 Corvettte ZR1 7:19.63 Ring Time

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by thebarron1989, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Lewis Hamilton?... more like Lewis Ramilton .... hur hur hur.

    Nah I still love the guy.
  2. He owns himself.
  3. *Pagani Huayra
  4. 7:19 is damn impressive. I hate to say it but Nice work GM.

  5. can I get a Guibo in here to confirm or refute this post
  6. It's hard to know the softness of the compound, as the older PS2 has dual compounds: a soft one for the outer edge where hard cornering is done, and a harder compound on the inner edge for durability. But in general, yes, the Cup tires for the 7:19 lap *should* be softer than the PS2's used on the older run. The treadblocks are also larger, clearly more designed for dry-weather performance. Without a same-day test, it's hard to know what portion of the improved time is attributable purely to the tires (vs software and aero enhancements, or even the driver's own increased familiarity with the track). And the old PS2s were actually very, very good indeed.
    It should be noted that these Pilot Sport Cups are still runflats while the ACR's tires are non-runflats.
  7. This shit storm begins.
  8. Aye, it's just that I have a feeling (and nothing more than that) the time improvement has mainly been attributed to driver/tyre conditions than the other tech that has been added to the car - but which of course has a good effect on the marketing part of the ZR1.
  9. so wh owins
  10. ZR1 wins lap time bragging rights.
  11. Non-Japanese car + faster time = no shit storm.

    (The internet physicists are awfully quiet about this...)
  12. I think the GT2 RS will beat that sooner or later
  13. I already has with a 7:18 lap time but there aint a video yet. I dont doubt it despite the fact i'm a ZR1 Fanboy
  14. The ZR1 continue to be an impressive car.
  15. GT-R please.

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