2012 GTR faster than Veyron on Top Gear

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    1:17.8 for the new GTR.

    pretty goddamn impressive, considering you can get a new GTR for the cost of 1 year of maintenance on the Veyron.
  2. Can't think of a sportscar with higher performance to price ratio, and still comfortable enough to drive everyday over long distances.
  3. Love it in that color. A true supercar
  4. z06 is plenty comfortable on the highway.
  5. while i am a huge z06 fan.... it does not have the daily utility and comfort of the GTR.
    we pretty much daily drive my buddies '10 GTR, quite often going to dinner or bar with 4 people (try that in a vette)
    The GTR also has more trunk space, we even went bulk shopping at costco with it.
    It also has AWD (safer in bad weather), and better visibility, and nicer interior.
    It even wins in the aftermarket modifications, since you can get a slightly bigger boost in performance per dollar ratio with the GTR.

    I mean, considering the fact that the '12 GTR runs among the fastest exotics in the world, but is still perfectly reasonable as a daily driver (both in ability and cost), it really is amazing.
  6. isn't there a huge price gap between the Z06 and the GT-R now?

    AFAIK, the C6 Z06's price has stayed about the same since release but the GT-R is starting to push $100k
  7. Yeah.

    2011 C6 Z06 starts at $74,375

    2012 Nissan GT-R starts at $89,950
  8. GTR (black edition) is 560000 Reais here.. almost 360000 USD! I don't know price of Z06 but is much much cheaper
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  10. meh, they're still two of the most boring cars in their respective class.
  11. It takes one to know one.
  12. Im starting to suspect that New Stig is a faster driver than Collins. Every car hes tested this season comes out much quicker than is expected. BMW 1M on a damp track was faster than an M3, Virage was two and a half seconds faster than DB9, the mp4 just demolishing, and now the new GTR being stupid fast.
    I mean yes you can say newer editions of cars get faster, but the margin is crazy.
  13. I didnt say it was as comfortable, only that it was plenty drivable on a daily basis. Its not an exige or ultima.

    Dunno about having that much more trunk space. The hatch on the z06 has a surprisingly large. GTR is listed at 8.8, z06 is listed at 13 ft^3.

    You dont buy a high performance car for its ability to drive in the snow.

    GTR gets crushed in aftermarket. Its very cost efficient to get a z06 running as a full out racecar if you want. Dont have to worry about the 4 million computers and differentials getting in the way. Parts are cheaper/more common/more reliable with the z06, maintenance is much lower, etc. Slicks, shocks, seat, bar, pads, sump, and youre basically at a racecar.

  14. lol u mad
  15. They should do a segment where they ask all the car companies, "Who would like us to redo their Power Lap?" It would be interesting to see a massive range of cars at the track as every company wants to improve their time.
  16. How many engineers do you think Ferrari would send?
  17. wow, yeah i guess the vette hatch is larger than i thought!
    can't seat 4 though <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    goto the bar/nightclub with your buddy, pick up a couple chicks, and with the vette youve gotta cram them in the hatch!

    snow? jan olssen does!
    down here in FL, you get flash downpours just about every summer day, without much warning. AWD is a great thing to have in your daily driver.

    how does the GTR get crushed aftermarket? were not talking about full out racecars, i was talking about daily driving a supercar.
    generally someone daily driving a performance car just wants a moderate reliable power boost.
    $5k mods on a stock GTR ('10) and Z06 C6 both get you about 560whp... but with the GTR it's much easier to handle, and as a bonus you can add race gas anytime you feel and grab another 50-75hp.

    im not hating on the z06, in fact i love them, but ive spent quite a bit of time with both cars, and as a daily drivable supercar the Z06 only wins on purchase and maintenance costs.
  18. if you need AWD for rain, you should re-evaluate your driving skills. Yes, we have massive downpours and flash floods in texas.

    5k could get you running a turbo LS7 which is way over 560 whp.
  19. GT-R:

    Available in Australia - Yes


    Available in Australia - No

    Therefore, the GT-R is the winner.

    /thread and all future discussions on the subject.
  20. yeah you can buy a zeeohsix
    but at the end of the day youll drive it home and youll have a gm product in your driveway
  21. lol. i didnt say anyone needed it, i said AWD is awesome, driving skills or no. AWD makes it much easier and safer to put down 500+whp to the ground when were talking about a daily driven street tire car.

    and turbo LS7 for 5k ?!?! mayyyyybe if you built everything yourself, and bought all the parts used.

    please show me where you get everything you need for a turbo a Z06 bolton kit for $5k.

    a good turbo itself is $1500, intercooler ($1k), fuel system ($1k), manifold ($1k+), exhaust ($1k), bov ($300), wastegate ($500), new clutch to handle the power ($1k+), boost controller ($400), not to mention all the piping and misc pieces you need, etc etc

    the average enthusiast looking to daily drive a z06 or gtr is not going to build their own home grown un-proven un-tested turbo kit for their daily driver.

    STS rear turbo kit, which i think is the cheapest retail corvette kit, runs $8k, and does not include a fuel system, clutch, etc

    on the GTR, you only need new filters/intake, full exhaust, and a cobb accessport tune, done. easy, simple, reliable, and can be done by just about any performance shop.

    normally i agree with you on most stuff, but on this one youre off base.
  22. Incredible!
  23. nissan gt-r is 170.000 usd here
    corvette z06 is 215.000 usd here

    nissan wins
  24. It is Rubens Barrichello.
  25. and he likes to drift...

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