2012 GTR faster than Veyron on Top Gear

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by got hp, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. It is Ken Block.
  2. I'd like to know how much of that is duty/tax/fee for being an import in the US.

    That said, both cars are awesomely cheap for performance and gives a up yours to overpriced euro "super" cars.
  3. So many GTR haters, can't accept how awesome and fast that car is.
  4. too fast for being him
  5. Ken Block doesn't know how to drive.
  6. It's ugly.
  7. ugly no, looking a bit fat and bland yes
  8. I've seen quite a few of these in the flesh now and they have really grown on me. A lot better IRL than in pictures. Performance figures are undeniable, the thing is a rocket. A very impressive car.

  9. Owning a GTR is a great way to tell everyone how incredibly boring you are.
  10. Very fast indeed, but I'd rather have a slower more exciting car.
  11. definitely the prime choice for bar hopping and costco runs.
  12. Nothing boring about being faster than a Veryon and Zonda F.
  13. Speed isn't everything
  14. It's also not boring.
  15. GT-R doesn't smell like some sweaty Italian guy and doesn't explode every 3000 miles

    no passion

    like driving a refrigrator
  16. It's not a Volvo
  17. hahaha

  18. don't mind the GT-R, despise GT-R drivers though.
  19. I've seen more 2012 GT-Rs than any ZR-1s around here.
  20. The M3 owns that territory outright.
  21. hey i dont post on car forums, i make over $100K per year and live in a huge ass house.

    look how boring my life is
  22. I feel I need beer goggles to like it more.
  23. This place is full of mad.

    GTR is awesome.

    The ZR1 makes you look like boss hog.

  24. Ok. I must say this car has really grown on me. I used to talk shit on it, nothing but the car driving the driver etc... But seeing it in action irl and some watching some crazy vids, i gotta say this really is one of the best cars ever built.

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