2012 Nissan GT-R: 530HP, 7.20 Ring Time

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  1. Look at here. Because, we will never find an agreement me and you. Not because of my attempt. For you Ferrari will be always out of hp claims even I show you dyno papers during a meet in Maranello's factory and Nissan within, even if Mizuno reveal us about their high blueprinted process...
  2. We will not agree because in your mind, Nissan are always cheating (107 mph trap speed LOL!), even if you have no basis to compare a for-sure 485 hp GT-R on the 'Ring (which you don't).

    I never said that ALL Ferrari press/mule cars are faster or suspicious. You said I have no basis of reference to compare 599 times, but I do and have provided the basis for doubt.
    No explanation for the Oakley Design 458 being slower than the factory car despite +53 PS (+9.3%) and -63kg? Interesting.

    Back to the tires, Ferrari did not merely check the tire pressures, they lowered them. I am not saying this is cheating (though it does not present a level playing field when it comes to other cars in test), but I think if you follow their logic to *why* they did that and apply it to what Nissan probably did for their GT-R, you will not like the answer: A car can be measurably faster around a track with no increase in power, no reduction in weight.
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    "We dyno tested the 2012 Nissan GT-R on a Mustang AWD dyno at HP Logic in West Palm Beach, FL where it put down 474 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque to all 4 wheels. HP Logic has dyno tested many 2009-2011 GT-R that average around 430 horsepower on the same dyno. The 44 horsepower increase we saw on the dyno from the 2012 over the 2009-2011 cars matches up perfectly the 45 horsepower increase stated by Nissan. If we use a 13% driveline loss from the GT-Rs dual clutch transmission and AWD system, we come up with 545 horsepower and 483 ft-lbs of torque"

    Drivelines losses still are quantities. GTR's dual clutch transmission and AWD system seems to cut 71 hp on dyno. This means that 2009-2011 GT-Rs that average ~430 horsepower on the same dyno are estimated ~501 hp at crank.
    What about GT-Rs figures tested at SoCal GTR dynoday or "The truth" by MotorTrend? The highest was the MT figure with 485.9 hp during their first run. Auto dyno'ed the press car at 489.6 PS. Some were dyno'ed at 520+PS stock here in Europe. If data are correct both, this means that press car was faster than customer cars but also slower than others.

    Even though the 2012 Nissan GT-R is a portly 3800+ pounds, it's new found power combined with a super fast shifting dual clutch transmission, all wheel drive and launch control systems allowed us to run a 11.07 @ 124.45 MPH at Palm Beach International Raceway in West Palm Beach, FL, which appears to be the best time recorded for the new GT-R so far. Average times for stock 2009-2011 GT-R's in our database are around 11.7 @ 120 MPH, so the new GT-R is clearly much quicker and faster."

    This also means if that average times for stock 2009-2011 GT-Rs in our database are around 11.7 @ 120 MPH on drag strips, the C/D test mule tested 11.5 @ 124 MPH, as soon as 60 feet are exceeded it seems much closer to the 2012 Nissan GT-R. This last car did 60-124.4 mph 8.27 secs. The same time as the C/D test mule tested.

    Yes, we don't need more than ~430whp to get 11.5 on the 1/4 mile drag strips, but are enough to get 124 MPH at the speed trap? No one 2009-2011 stock GT-Rs has never done over 121 MPH on the database. Only the 2012 GT-Rs and the C/D mule were able to to break it by 3 mph, and the Vspec tested by Automobilismo (dyno'ed 508PS) with 122 MPH. This means that mules are slower than 911 Turbos MK1, could been fast as customer/press cars but also close to customers 2012 GT-Rs.

    All this without talking about 2013 C/D & R/T test press cars...124-125 MPH, temperature, elevation and so on. The 2013 R/T press car tested in slightly different conditions and just 200' over the 4200' tested by C/D, was just slightly faster than the 2008 test mule. Again, far away different than guessing a power figure, we are not able to explain 72 hp between both cars.
  17. Today I can answer because this was your 1000th FU&@#%?£$G thing you said. Oakley Desing was tested in very hot conditions or it's rubbish. Recently SA tested a 458 press car on 0-1000m 19"62, being the fastest press car tested also dyno'ed 568 ch. I knew that some press cars were dyno'ed ~580 PS from the factory.

    Concerning 599s, yes, customers cars seems to be usually slower but nothing I found is uncorrect looking dynos. Evo tested a press car and it was dyno'ed 621 hp. A customers 599 tested on Maha dynos at Supersprint factory was 630 PS. My factory's rumor as already said was quoted at 655 PS for the specific QR's car, then, you can say what you would prefer. But be careful to blame as 458's case.

    I agree that it's incorrect if factory send fast press cars to magazines or porduce slower customers cars, but looking around how can we blame if dyno numbers are correct? Was that practice really unknown for others mnfs? On the same way we seen slow GT-Rs on press pages as fast cars. Press MP4s dyno'ed before 553 ch then 596 ch. lol Slow cars and very fast cars as well. Do you really think that some customers cars aren't unaffected? Well, every mnfs have their skeletons behind the cabinets. You too.

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  20. anyway GTR is a masterpiece; older facts about GTR?

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